Fox Point Farm

Due in Heat:

  Whimsy (proven, April), Betsy (AKC, maiden, April),

Buttercup (AKC, maiden, May)

updated 2/20/18

​Pregnant now:

Updated 2/20/18

​We are expecting more excellent puppies soon....

Violet/James Dean
AKC Sheltie
TINY TINY sables and tris with awesome personalities and refined faces.

AKC Sheltie
Gorgeous sables with excellent coats.

​Beautiful sables and sable merles with loads of flash and affordability!

7/8 Toy Sheltie 1/8 Pom
​Breathtaking babies, all colors possible with big coats and super outgoing personalities!

​My partner breeder friends are expecting....
If you are on the Premium List, you are offered these litters too!

​Wendy - Chloe, Mable and Zoie all bred

​Ann - Gemma, Britney, Julz and Penny all due to breed this month.

upcoming LITTERS

 When we have clients ready and waiting on our Premium Waiting List, we will breed our girls that come into season. We do our best to fill puppy orders as they come in without ever raising more puppies than we have clients ready to adopt. These are the girls we have bred.
Not all moms 'catch' or carry their puppies to term. We have several 'maiden' girls we are testing right now. We have high hopes for them. If they fail to catch, carry or raise puppies over two heat cycles, they may become available as pets.

These girls are all super sweet, house-broken/crate trained, great farm and family companions! We do hope all our girls have big healthy litters! We update these pregnancies as changes occur.

I have lots of requests from clients ONLY wanting puppies from my (Charlotte Cannon/Fox Point Farm) personal dogs. I have started posting how many generations I have had on each litter. If I have purchased mom and dad from other breeders, they are classified as 'First Generation FPF Breeding'. If I have had bred some or all parents, grand parents and great grandparents, puppies are classified as "Fourth Generation FPF Breeding'. As I always state, I outcross in my breedings, meaning I do not breed related dogs together. I also do full health and temperament testing on all my personal dogs. This will assure our discerning buyers that your puppies are free from health and temperament defects for AT LEAST all the relatives I have owned.  For clients concerned about knowing  truly from where your puppy is coming, this information is invaluable.
Contact Charlotte Cannon for your next family member today!
980-722-2828, text please

Please note litters may not be listed in order. See expected delivery dates with information.