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Retired here

Foxpoint Blueberry Pie, AKC

Julie is Bella's sister and a real sweetie! She is 12 inches and 12 lbs! She has a good herding drive who used to love her days outside beside her Dad working the 'ponies' every day. After her first litter of puppies forced her to stay inside, Julie has decided she prefers the house. She piles up on the couch and bed snuggling close to her family. She is a beautiful white-factored tri with a gorgeous full white collar, blaze and high white legs.  Julie has some of the wildest colored puppies we have ever seen! White swirls through the coats on some, perfect sheltie markings on others! She has proven to be a perfect mother, she even cared for others' puppies when they couldn't. I chose to have Julie spade after her last litter and she is retired now here with us. Two of my best friends have Julie/Hansel daughters and plan to continue the beautiful line Julie and her sister, Bella, started.

There is nothing shy or reserving about this gorgeous, TINY girl! Betsy is the whole package, size, brains, beauty, athletic ability! Betsy has it all! Still only standing 10" and only 6.5lbs, Betsy is small in stature, but makes up for it in personality! She loves everyone, is sacred of nothing, and EVERYONE adores her! Her mom Bling and grandma Jamaica also have this bubbly, outgoing personality, and have always been our greeters! Betsy soared to the head of her puppy class when she went for training. Our agility trainer was in love and asked numerous times to buy her to be an agility competitor like her dad Elvis who has multiple AKC Agility and Rally titles. We are hoping she gets big enough to breed. She was one of the largest in her litter at birth, but has stayed super petite and tiny as most Elvis babies do.  

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maiden girls for the future

foxpoint violet

Bella is the Original! She started this whole obsession with tiny shelties. She is 12 inches and used to be as light as a bird, today, not so much. She has devoted her life to looking after her mom and does a fabulous job! Gorgeous both inside and out Bella has her mom wrapped around her, currently substantial, body. Bella has made the personal choice not to bear children so she has more time to devote to her job. Her mom is absolutely crazy over her too!

Foxpoint Annabelle, Akc

Kiss Kiss or Kissy is one of my personal favorites! She is quiet and sweet, a total couch potato! In an effort to keep bigger girls with tiny genetics and less white factor to avoid c sections and issues with too much white, I held Kiss back. She comes from one of the most prominent (arguably the most prominent female line) families in modern Toy Shelties! She has the tiny genes, but also a trait almost impossible to get in the tiny ones, naturally tipped ears. She has the largest coat I've ever seen on a young female. She is one of the shining stars of our future! 

People always ask me how little is a Mini or Toy Sheltie of UK type compared to a standard size Sheltie?

This is Bella (above) 12" and 12lbs (17 lbs now, one of our largest Shelties), with Blue at standard 15" 24 lb Sheltie.

I actually purchased Blue from a breeder who swore he was 11" and 11 lbs (he was 5 yrs when I bought him). You can imagine my shock when I arrived at the airport. The breeder refused to take him back, claiming he WAS the tiniest Sheltie they had ever had. When shown the pictures, they agreed maybe he was bigger than my dogs.

Although a sweet soul, Blue was not socialized well and ran in circles and was petrified of other people and our horses. He was also a product a breeding of a full brother and sister (they swore he had no closely related dogs in his pedigree). Fortunately a lovely family wrote to me and offered to adopt him, after a lengthy meeting (to make sure Blue was comfortable), they took him home and he has been a great addition to their family.

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Retired here
Retired here

foxpoint sunshine

At Fox Point Farm we have chosen tiny Shelties of UK type to be our perfect partners! We take all of them everywhere we go! They sleep in, next to and under our bed each night! We are truly a family that enjoys one another.

We have picked our breeding shelties with great care.  I have also chosen to 'outcross' our breeding dogs after having a very bad experience with a 'tightly line-bred' male, Timmy, I bought years ago. We believe the larger gene pool will produce hardier, healthier shelties for a longer and happier life.

Our shelties have all the qualities that make shelties special plus this great toy size!  Shelties are undeniably beautiful, their beauty is only surpassed by the devotion they bestow upon 'their person' or 'their family'. I tease that nearly all of our shelties have an 'anti-theft device' deep within them. I think a stranger would be very hard pressed to grab and steal one of my dogs, but if I were to walk up they would rush to me and overwhelm me with their eyes and hearts.

The love a special dog can give is indescribable! Our tiny shelties could be the parents of your next 'perfect child'! Contact .

our original girls

Fox Point Farm

flopsy cannon, akc

proven breeding girls

Cassie is a doll! She is short at 11 1/2 inches but chunky at 14 lbs (she has a dense round little body)! She is a super confident girl who isn't afraid of anything! She is as happy to lie on the couch as she is to be out working horses. Cassie is a great jumper and listens very well, her puppies are super agility prospects for the small divisions! Cassie has the prettiest petite face, excellent tail set and the correct conformation reminiscent of the champions in her pedigree. She is our best producer of happy healthy puppies! We have Chrystie, a Cassie/Frosty daughter, Soxy, a Cassie/Hansel son, and one of my best friends Wendy has two Cassie granddaughters to continue her legacy.

MDR1, VWD, CEA, GM all clear/clear. Bite correct.

Chrystie is a Cassie/Frosty daughter who is perfect match to her mom Cassie! She is 12 inches and 14 lbs! She is incredibly friendly, outgoing and she loves everyone!  She loves to be with us whether driving in the truck, working around the farm or hanging out at a show! She is a lovely sweet soul that everyone falls for! She is a beautiful golden sable with a white collar. She is the perfect next generation to one day take over 'Top Producer' status from her mom! Her collar is the perfect 'Fairy Ring'! 

Legend says the fairies would pick the shelties with the full collars they could hold, and ride them through the night bestowing blessings on those in need!

Now retired and loving the easy life!

Maggie is our super tiny, only 10 inches and 8 lbs little doll! Her personality is absolutely amazing! She is darling and will walk right up and speak to everyone! She twirls and hops in the cutest attention-getting acrobatics! Blessed with a full collar, blaze face and white factor, this tri-factor sable female can produce the beautiful ultra tiny toy shelties that are so nearly impossible to find!

Retired with a dear friend and traveling the world.

MDR1, VWD, CEA, GM all clear/clear. Bite correct.

 Bling greets all visitors with her kind face and her wagging tail! She is calm and super friendly, we expect her puppies to be too. She does perk up when it comes to herding the horses, she has a strong herding drive. I can see her producing some great herding or agility dogs that could go into big, scary arenas with tons of people and win! She is 12" and 10lbs, she is dark mahogany sable with a perfect blaze and full white collar. She has a long full tail that's always wagging and a sweet kind spirit. We cannot wait to see the sweeties she produces! Bling is a Jamaica/Soxy (Cassie/Hansel) daughter so we not only have her parents, but her grandparents too! Being a third generation FPF Toy Sheltie, we are thrilled with both her past and her future!

MDR1, VWD, CEA, GM, DM all clear/clear. Bite correct.

Dotty is a beautiful, tiny, tri-colored, color-headed-white (CHW) girl who was given to me by my dear friend when she retired from 40+ years as a Sheltie breeder and had to move in with her son. Dotty was her pride and joy, by her tiny boy Laddie and out of her tiny girl Prissy, Dotty was her constant companion eating yogurt and ice cream off her spoon as they watched tv together. Dotty isn't a huge fan, but she has produced excellent, tiny puppies with fabulous temperaments raised in all of our chaos.

Spayed and kept as our pet.

Toy sheltie girls

MDR1, VWD, CEA, GM, DM all clear/clear. Bite correct.

When this gorgeous girl popped out I knew she was the Promise of a great Future for Fox Point Farm! She brings together the best and brightest of our past with the brightest glow of our future! Her breathtaking grandmother Cassie (retired here) is our best foundation mom producing the tinest, most beautiful AKC toy-size Shelties with incredible coats and superior health. Her grandfather Frosty was my foundation stud and my best friend. He was the sweetest boy you can imagine. Her mom Chrystie is the most lovely, sweetest girl. Her dad Bullet is the happiest, most friendly, greeter here at the farm. She is the perfect combination of outgoing personality, outstanding health and uncompromising beauty and coat!

Promise has produced exceptional puppies that have not only been great pets, but also great AKC  titled Agility competitors!

We decided to retire Promise after her last litter. She will stay here as my devoted girl.

Foxpoint treasure

MDR1, VWD, CEA, GM, DM all clear by parentage. Bite correct.

Emma is all sugar and sweetness in a precious sapphire blue package. She is just 11" and 8lbs of pure joy! She was a baby during summer camp, so she has had what we call 'extreme socialization', she has been handled and loved by EVERYONE! She adores kids, she adores adults, she just loves life! Our petsitter Jane used her to go through and advanced dog training class, and she graduated with top honors! We are super excited to see what she produces for us! Her mom Dottie and dad Smokey have been outstanding, and she is the final Smokey baby. She will carry on his amazing legacy!

foxpoint angel kiss

‚ÄčMDR1, VWD, CEA, GM, DM all clear/clear by DNA. Bite correct.

Dotty, AKC

These gorgeous, tiny girls are the future of our breed and the best of our past! Hopefully they will be the first generation of AKC Shetland Sheepdogs recognized as 'Toy Shelties' or 'Shelties of UK Type'!

We only breed our girls when there are clients ready for puppies. These girls are our pets until requests are made. If you desire a gorgeous toy sheltie, let us know and we will get your perfect puppy 'cooking'!

We are incredibly particular about our girls! Studies (and I agree) say the mother is 80% of the puppy! Daddy may influence size and color; but mom influences personality and temperament the most. The way mom treats them, the way mom treats other dogs, the way mom reacts to noises, the way mom reacts to people, whether they are family or strangers, children or adults, the way mom views the world is likely to be the way your puppy will view his or her world too. Confident, outgoing moms make confident outgoing puppies and happy clients! We breed confident, outgoing moms so your puppy is the best it can be!

We hold back some of the best puppies from our best moms for the future, but we are open to great new bloodlines also. We believe in keeping the gene pool large and deep for excellent health and hardiness. New bloodlines must be added to insure the health of our future generations. Choosing the best from the past and adding great new dogs from today gives us the most beautiful, healthiest, tiny shelties available!

These girls undergo rigorous health and temperament exams and testing. Every dog here is examined yearly and given their vaccinations by our vet. They are on Advantage Multi for heartworm and flea prevention. Everyone eats Purina Pro Plan dog food for great coats and great health! If a mom (or dad) produces a puppy with a genetic defect, we quickly investigate and remove her from our breeding program. Healthy, long-lived puppies are our #1 priority!

foxpoint promise life will go on cannon, akc

Sunny is the most delightful, quiet, sweet girl! We rarely, if ever, hear her bark! I was dying to get her bc she is a Cassie/Frosty granddaughter and she has his beautiful face, color, eyes and personality! My friend Wendy bottle raised her mom Abigail when she was rejected, and unfortunately never registered her with the AKC. All of Sunny's family is AKC registered, but since mom never got papers, she was not eligible. We love her to pieces anyway, and her puppy buyers love the more affordable price. She is very much a couch potato type, and her puppies have been too. If you want a beautiful baby that just wants to cuddle, Sunny may be your mom!

Tiny little Blueberry is a lovebug! She is the prettiest blue merle with perfect white markings and the sweetest personality! She is bold, confident and outgoing! She is super smart and super trainable, doing fantastic in her first month of sleepaway obedience and agility training! We are thrilled to see what the future holds for this special little girl!

MDR1, VWD, CEA, GM, DM all clear by parentage. Bite correct.

Annie is a little doll! At 12.5" and 10lbs, she is much bigger than her tiny parents (dad Teddy is only 7lbs), making her an excellent prospect as a mom that can not only freewhelp, but also has the genetics to produce tiny! From generations of tiny toy Shelties, Annie is quiet and sweet. She came to us at 11 months (we jumped at the opportunity to get her) and is adjusting nicely. With her more solid face, we hope she will be our go-to mom for those expressions!

Excellent producer!

foxpoint Emma, akc

little lady Cassandra pearl, akc

Violet is super sweet and incredibly TINY!!! Her mom Graci is the foundation mom on which Donna Waugh's modern breeding program is based. She comes from generations of tiny Toy Shelties that consistently produce tiny! She is barely 11' and 8lbs with a big, full coat, correct dentition and a face to melt the hardest heart! Everyone falls in love with Violet and begs to take her home! We are super excited to have her in our program continuing her mother's fabulous line and to produce the super tiny puppies everyone desires!

We also feed our shelties very well. I had an unbelievable experience and found out firsthand that breeders will withhold food from puppies to keep their size small. Our puppies (and adults) are fed as much as they desire with frequent small meals. Our adults get lots of exercise so we don't have a problem with weight (other than Cassie who is a bit chubby). Our weights are accurate and reasonable for you to expect. Our dogs are also fit and muscled, so if they spent their days on a couch, they might be a bit lighter as well. We NEVER withhold food from any of our dogs! Our dogs will mature to the proper size of their genes. As I stated above, healthy puppies/dogs are our first priority, if they are tiny, that's a bonus!

We do occasionally hold back from a litter a truly exceptional puppy. We also have a wonderful relationship with the two other excellent toy-size AKC Sheltie breeders in the US. When they have a puppy who is perfect for us, we may snap it up too. Our dedication to producing the finest Toy Shelties is a commitment that requires constantly evaluating the dogs we breed to insure only the best shelties are bred. These are the girls we have chosen to grow out, test and see if they are as fancy as we anticipate. Sometimes one will fool us and she will not be suitable for our breeding program, once we see this, we will usually offer her for sale as a pet. These are our hopefuls!

Coco Bebe is beyond special here at FPF! She is a Frosty/Maggie daughter! When she was born via c-section (where Maggie had to be spade) she was 5oz and soo tiny and frail. We started hand feeding (with a tiny syringe) her every 2 hours because poor Maggie was not producing enough milk for her 3 puppies. Two weeks later she was back on mom full-time and has never looked back. She goes to the horseshows and never meets a stranger - she and Bella are our official greeters! Coco is 9 lbs and 10.5".

china, akc

lil miss Maggie mae ii, akc

Julie C Cannon, AKC

MDR1, VWD, CEA, GM all clear/clear by DNA. Bite correct..

Treasure is truly that, a complete treasure in every sense!

First she has the best of our lines, she is fourth generation here. Her mom Promise is a tiny Chrystie/Bullet daughter. Chrystie is a Cassie/Frosty daughter. Promise, Chrystie and Cassie are all listed about. They are arguably the best Toy Sheltie female line in history consistently producing puppies who are tiny, gorgeous,  super loving, athletic with tremendous coats. Frosty is our incredible foundation stud that was a doll! Bullet has always been a favorite of everyone, not only for his beauty, but more for his outgoing, confident personality! Treasure herself is a daughter of our outstanding AKC Agility boy Elvis, he is listed on our stud page and needs no introduction. Her breeding is impeccable and you could not find finer anywhere.

Treasure is absolutely stunning already! Most girls take years to grow the coat she already has. It's thick, huge and that bright, orange sable that only comes from Elvis! We are thrilled to have a bright orange girl to continue this spectacular color! She has perfect markings, the classic 2x4 shape, excellent tail set and topline, and a face that just melts every heart! I cannot imagine how beautiful she will be in a few more years.

Her personality is outstanding! She is one of our best greeters, and stays out front to meet and lick everyone! She is confident, outgoing, super smart and athletic! To say Treasure is the total package is an understatement! Her puppies will be absolutely incredible!

Treasure is expected to have her first litter Fall 2017.

MDR1, VWD, CEA, GM all clear/clear by parentage. Bite correct.

chrystie zippo cannon, akc

MDR1, VWD, CEA, GM all clear/clear by DNA, Bite correct.

Please keep in mind that although parents are 'toy-size', we can have some 'teacup' (8-10" mature) size puppies, some 'toy' (10-12 1/2" mature) and some 'miniature' (12 1/2-13 1/2" mature) puppies in the same litter. We are charting weights to give you the best prediction of your puppy's mature size. We feel the diversity in the gene pool outweighs the benefit of 'tightly' breeding for size. Really closely bred dogs can retain positive traits of a line, such as size, but can also retain negative traits of that line too, such as recessive heart defects, thyroid abnormalities, hip problems and temperament issues. Although it is a common accepted practice, we will risk size variations over health issues. We do not breed close relatives together!

Flopsy is the culmination of 28 yrs of breeding toy shelties. She is the TINIEST AKC SHELTIE, at 9" and 4 lbs, I have ever seen!!! Picture perfect with the tiny, pixie face we desire and a long, full sable coat, we have incredibly high hopes for Flopsy.  I am encouraged she might be able to have puppies despite her size bc her mother is super tiny also, and she free whelped and nursed all 4 puppies in Flopsy's litter. We call her 'The Mouse' and she is super spoiled and super sweet! I am looking forward to more ultra tiny 'teacup' shelties in her future!

I think I've finally given up on Flopsy having puppies, but she will stay here to be loved by all.