Front of the Barn, est 2012

Back of the Barn, est 2000

our garden - sun beds

We have always had loads of sun, it has been a blessing and a challenge. I have been working on many of these beds as long as I can remember. I have redone and added a few recently too. Daylilies, roses, crepe myrtles and iris are our most popular sun plants.
Our best asset is our dirt. We create beds by either dumping waste from the stalls directly where we want the new beds and waiting 6-9 months for it to break down before planting, or we collect the black dirt (rotted manure) out of the pasture and fill the new bed to plant right away. Either way we are using the resources we create every day to grow beautiful healthy plants tomorrow.
We have plenty of amazing garden dirt here ready for you to collect and take home! Bring a shovel and you can make your life easier!

*Super easy plants - Daylilies, Cannas, Crepe Myrtle, Knock-out Roses

Corner by House, est 2013

Front Yard, est 2000

Bunkhouse Sun, est 2010

Creekside Sun, est 2013

Front of the Ring, right side, est

Round Pen, est 1998

Shavings Corner, est 2013

Front of the Barn with Sign, est 2008

Log, est 2013

Front of the Ring, left side, est 2005

Fox Point Farm