2018 Dates:

Week 1 - July 23-27, 2018 full

Week 2 - August 6-10, 2018 full

Contact Charlotte for cancellations/availability.


Bring your own horse or you may use one of our experienced mounts.

 Adults welcome and encouraged! Bring your horse loving child or grandchild!
Arenas, trails and the creek are perfect places to enjoy your horse and improve your skills!
Exciting, entertaining and inspirational Demonstrations each day!

Meals are provided.
The 3 biggest things needed to succeed with horses:
 Imagination, Energy and Freedom from Fear

Charlotte and Tommy teach everyone to do extraordinary things with horses!

This is a spectacular week for you if you want to be GREAT with horses! We will teach you how!

Join us for a week you will never forget!

Your Week Includes:

Monday - Getting To Know You Day - We ask questions and assign riders to horses we think are a good fit. Lessons today are used to evaluate horse/rider combinations and rider groups. We have beginners through advanced riders, so it is important to have each rider on a horse who is fun and in a group that is too.

Tuesday - Power of Patterns - Today we teach riders that horses can learn almost anything if you turn it into a pattern! We teach riders how to use patterns of response to their advantage.

Wednesday - Rodeo Day - We divide riders into 2 groups ( less experienced ride first) and teach them all about rodeo events. All riders 'run' the barrel racing and pole bending patterns (at speeds comfortable for them) just like the ones in local rodeos.

Thursday - Big Trailride Day - We take riders on long trailrides. Length and degree of difficulty is adjusted to the ability of our riders. The horses and campers absolutely LOVE this afternoon!

Friday - Horseshow Day - We teach riders all about different types of shows. We teach them what to do in a show and run through a 'mock class'. We demonstrate clipping and showgrooming. Riders learn how to bathe 'their' horse for a show.

Each day has a 'theme' and all presentations, lessons and demos are based around the 'theme' of that day. We do our best to present lots of different types of riding during the week and riders are encouraged to explore many different riding possibilities.  We teach new and exciting skills so riders can leave stronger and better than when they arrived. We want everyone to leave confident, curious and excited about horses!

Fill out Summer Camp Application here or
Call 803-802-3888 or contact charlottec@comporium.netto sign up or for more information.
Payments may be made with PayPal or by mailing a check!

Thank you!

Frequently asked Questions:

When do I arrive/depart? Campers usually arrive around 8-8:30am the Monday of their camp week. Camp is over at 4pm on Friday afternoon. Most parents come to watch their children ride Friday afternoon and their children leave with them. If you need to stay later to wait for a parent, that can totally be arranged.

Where do I arrive each day for Day Camp? Fox Point Farm, 7907 Henry Harris Rd, Ft Mill, SC, 29707

What time do I arrive each day for Day Camp? 8:30am camp starts, campers may arrive anytime before that

Do I need to bring lunch? We provide lunch for Day Campers, breakfast, lunch and dinner for Overnight Campers. You may bring snacks and extra drinks if you like.

What clothes will I need for camp? You will need comfortable tops (t-shirts, tank tops, etc) and either jeans or riding pants for lessons/serious riding, shorts for bareback and groundwork. You need to have boots (shoes with a heel) for riding, tennis shoes or flip flops for field trips. We do have extra helmets but most people like to bring their own.

How many campers will be at camp? Most weeks have around 12 campers (about half are overnight, half day campers), we have had as few as 8 and allow as many as 15 per week.

How many councilors will be helping each week? We will have 2 or 3 'official' paid councilors who are 18 yrs and older each week depending upon the number of campers. We usually  several younger councilors helping too. Charlotte and Tommy both teach, Wendy (adult) cooks.

What Emergency Information do I need to bring? We ask that each camper bring an envelope with their name on it containing emergency numbers for parents/caregivers and insurance info. We ask that these be turned in to Charlotte when you arrive on Monday and come in to sign your release. If someone else is transporting your child, please handwrite a hold harmless  will not hold Charlotte Cannon, Tommy Robinson or Fox Point Farm responsible for any injury to my child, horse or property. Signed) and include in your envelope.

What do I need to bring for my horse if it comes? Campers bringing horses must bring all hay, feed and supplements that their horses eat. We recommend putting each meal in zip lock bags and labeling bags am/pm and the day of the week. We will make every effort for camp horses to have permanent stalls but if a permanent stall is not available, we will have panel stalls for you to use. You will be responsible for cleaning your stall and feeding/watering your horse. Your tack can be placed in the Lesson Tackroom, please bring a saddlerack for your saddle.

Will our horses be trailered for any reason? We will not need to trailer horses for any reason.

I have specific food/health needs, can I attend? We will do our best to adapt to all our campers needs. If you would like to bring your own food, that's totally fine.
What if I overheat? We schedule our day to best care for our campers. We take breaks and eat inside in the AC. If you are feeling badly, please let an adult know and you will be allowed to stop and recover. We want campers to have fun, not heat strokes!

I can post more questions and answers! Send me questions and if they apply to more campers, I can gladly post here!

summer horse camp

2016 Summer Camp Prices:

Day Camp 8:30am thru 4:00pm ............................................ $450/one week only

Multiple Day Camp Weeks .......................................................... $425/each week

Overnight Camp 8:30am Monday - 4:00pm Friday ................ $550/one week only

Multiple Overnight Camp Weeks ..................................................$525/each week

Overnights per night ..........................................$35/night if purchased individually

Only a $200 deposit required to hold your spot. Balance due upon arrival.

Friends and Family Discount $25/person. Attend with a friend or family member!

Fox Point Farm