Fox Point Farm

Since there are so few reputable, experienced Toy Sheltie, Poshie or Toonie breeders in the United States, many families must look outside their immediate area to find their perfect puppy. This can create a high stress situation.

How will they get their new baby home?

Will their new baby be what they expect?

How will they ask all their important questions?

What if I don't feel comfortable paying for a puppy in full sight unseen?

We have come up with two perfect solutions!

1. We will fly with your puppy in the cabin and attend to their every need during the trip! This gives huge benefits to your puppy!

2. We will drive up to 5 hours one way to meet you!

Your puppy travels with the people who raised him or her, so he or she is more relaxed,

Your puppy has a personal attendant, my husband Tommy, that will insure food and water are always available.

Your puppy will have proper potty breaks, and will arrive without compromising potty training. Your puppy will be clean!

You will learn all about your puppy's individual habits and needs directly from the people who raised him or her.

Your puppy will not be subject to long layovers, rough handling or sitting on the tarmac in bad weather. The flight will be a fun adventure, not a stressful situation.

There are also awesome benefits for you!

You may book the flights well in advance to take advantage of discounted rates.

Bc you book the flights yourself, you pick the days and times (note days we are available to fly) that are best for you. You can schedule time off to pick up and spend time bonding with your puppy without the fear of weather stopping your puppy from flying on the set day.

You can use your airline miles and discounts to get even better rates.

You are in control of the costs, so you feel better about everything.

You save your precious time and wear and tear on your vehicle, if you were planning the long drive.

No need to purchase puppy crates that will be quickly outgrown and clutter up your home, we provide everything.

Our new Au Pair Service is the best value for you, safest for your puppy and gives you total peace of mind!


1. $250 to our Au Pair and that includes vet paperwork and crate.

You book and pay for the round trip flight, plus any additional pet fees (one way).

2. $250 to our Au Pair  for driving up to 5 hours one way (up to a total 10 hr driving day) to meet you.

3. Free driving up to 2 hours one way (up to a total 4 hour driving day) to meet you.

Please allow enough time to meet, exchange your puppy, and to ask questions, before we need to hop back on the flight to come home. If an overnight stay is required bc of flight times, we do request you book a comfortable room for us (one person).

We strongly encourage you to use this new option, vs standard shipping. Its much safer, and vastly less stressful on your puppy, plus at certain times of the year, bc of the weather, standard shipping is not available.

4/11/19 Bc of changes in policies with the airlines, we no longer feel comfortable with Standard Cargo Shipping. Nothing bad has happened, but cutbacks have changed too many policies. One accident is too many, so we are stopping before there is an accident.

We no longer offer Standard Shipping through Delta Cargo. 


We are currently available to fly with your puppy on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please confirm your date of choice is available BEFORE BOOKING. If you need another day, please ask specifically.

how do I get my new baby home?