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Major, akc

MDR1, VWD, CEA, GM, DM all clear/clear. Bite correct.

When I realized I needed a new unrelated tri boy to step into Bullet's role in our program, I knew these would be tremendous shoes to fill. I searched for puppies with parents with the right pedigrees and the right characteristics to test. I was determined to get a totally clear (N/N) DNA genetic health test, and that goal proved extremely difficult as beautiful boys came up not so perfect. Sweet little Vinny was the exception, the unicorn, the proverbial needle in the haystack! He is not only totally clear, he is tiny, has an awesome, outgoing personality, stunning copper like Bullet and a beautiful coat!

His puppies are proving to be tiny, gorgeous, trainable and so loving! He has done great with our merle girls too, getting lots of beautiful blue eyes and loads of merles!

Frosty was our foundation Stud Dog. We have kept Chrystie and Coco, his daughters , to continue his legacy.
Frosty is our resident 'husband' or 'stud dog', but most often referred to as a confirmed 'mamma's boy'. He is a precious 12 inches and 11 lbs. He prefers to be held (upside down) by his Mom over anything else. He is a pretty mover and a beautiful sable merle dog but he only has eyes for Charlotte (unless he is sweet talked by one of his 'wives'). Frosty produces some super fancy, super small toy shelties.  His heavy white-factor puts great color on  those tiny babies. If you are looking for a snuggly, loving, devoted sheltie, Frosty is your sire!
Frosty died 11/8/10 in an accident. He will be greatly missed! He was deeply loved! Charlotte

MDR1, VWD, CEA, GM all clear/clear, Hips OFA Excellent. Bite correct.

Cooper is truly a bright star in our 'stable' of boys! Blessed with the hugest coat on the tiniest sable boy, Cooper is already a Star! He is only 7lbs and 11" (at 3yrs), he is the tiniest sable adult breeding AKC Sheltie I have ever seen. He is super sweet and loving, he would love to be a pet and sit on the couch all day as I type on my computer. He is non-white factored and pure-for-sable, so he is safe to breed to all color patterns (heavily white-factored, white-factored and non-white-factored) for beautiful sable and, if bred to merles, sable merle puppies. He has a big, thick, full white collar, a tiny star and snip on his face and short little 'bobby socks' on his feet. For those clients looking for the more conservatively marked Sheltie that still has a beautiful white collar, Cooper is unmatched. He will be our go-to stud for our super tiny, 'teacup' girls! The best part of Cooper is he is safe to breed to everyone here bc he is completely unrelated to any of our dogs! He truly has it all size, health, personality, color and markings to make here!

Toy Sheltie boys

AKC Registered Shetland Sheepdogs

bullet cannon, akc

MDR1, VWD, CEA, GM all clear/clear, Hips OFA Excellent. Bite correct.

Bullet is the most outgoing, friendly boy ever! He greet everyone with a warm sheltie smile and offers to sit on any lap that is available! He is a beautiful, 12" and 9lbs, perfectly marked, non-white factor, proven male! He is a wonderful producer of Agility competitors. If you want a great outgoing and trainable sheltie, in a beautiful package, Bullet could be your boy!

Bullet has retired to a wonderful pet home after many excellent years of friendship and service. His desire to love and please convinced me he would enjoy being an 'only child' for the second half of his life. His new mom reports he is fabulous and adjusted to her wheelchair and life as her service companion perfectly!

MDR1, VWD, CEA, GM all clear/clear, Hips OFA Excellent. Bite correct. 

Elvis is a culmination of Rick and Monica Lavers' Puppylove Shelties 40 years of breeding Toy Shelties in California and we are super excited to introduce his refined finer, lighter body type to our girls. Elvis is only 11.5" and 7lbs (at 1 year old, 3/8/15) and has a thick, long, silky coat. He is super trainable and incredibly loving! We call him our 'little teddy bear' bc he has a perfect heart on his forehead and he loves to be held upside down and snuggled! Elvis has been in training with Helen Holbrook Dog Training for AKC Agility. He is also working on his Canine Good Citizen Award so he can go out and do dog therapy. He has gotten rave reviews from his trainer Helen and has already earned his AKC Rally Novice Title. Elvis is more than just a pretty face, he is the whole package!

For years have worked toward developing the perfect Toy Sheltie (or Sheltie of UK type) male to cross on our gorgeous girls! We desire the classic, huge, fluffy Sheltie coat in a refined, elegant and petite dog with an amazing, loving, outgoing, trainable personality. We now have a lineup of the finest tiny boys you will find anywhere!

We do full health, genetic and personality testing on each boy before we start his breeding career. All boys have been tested clear for both the MDR1 gene (Ivermectin sensitivity) and VonWidebrand's Disease (a serious bleeding disorder). All hips have been OFA certified. Boys have been DNA tested by the AKC to insure proof of parentage and that they are pure AKC Shelties. All dogs are routinely tested for thyroid issues and we do not breed the eye shape known to be associated with CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly). All our dogs live on and run the farm and have no skin or food allergies. All have correct dentition and regular yearly dental care. We do not breed 'runts' or dogs with any health defects to produce smaller size. We do NOT LINEBREED or INBREED.

We offer the best guarantee in the business and stand 100% behind our dogs! We do our homework and each cross is to better the breed for the future. We have started competing with our dogs in AKC Rally and Agility and our goal for the future is to have every breeding dog AKC Titled before they produce their first litter. Toy Shelties may not be recognized by the AKC as a seperate breed yet, but we are working toward that goal!

Hanzel cb cannon, akc

MDR1, VWD, CEA, GM, DM all clear/clear. Bite correct.

​Durango is an absolutely stunning boy in person! I was thrilled to have the opportunity to get him! He is a fully tested, clear/clear, pure-for-sable male that is toy size with a HUGE coat and natural tipped ears! I feel like we won the lottery! Durango is not quite 12' and 10lbs. He has a gorgeous, profuse coat, and a beautiful head and neck! He has many AKC Champions in his pedigree, and it shows! If you are looking for a sweet, tiny, Toy Sheltie with loads of class and presence, Durango is your daddy!

MDR1, VWD,  DM, CEA, GM all clear/clear

Major is the funniest little boy! He has a face that will melt your heart and a coat to rival any full size Sheltie! He is super smart and just wants to please! He will run up to you, look up, sit, and if you don't respond, he will roll over to get your attention and love! His excellent ear and tail set make him a real standout and his loving personality makes everyone want to take him home! He has all the makings of a super STAR!!!

MDR1, VWD, CEA, GM all clear/clear, Hips OFA Excellent. Bite correct. 

Hanzel is the 'perfect' Toy Sheltie or Sheltie of UK type male and his mom's pride and joy! He is 12" and 16 lbs and has tiny, correct adorable toy shelties in his genes. We have received 'big' things from this bundle of personality and fluff! He produces the small, gorgeous shelties that make everyone loving lifelong partners!  Hanzel also brings calmness and quietness to our family, he would rather lie on my lap upside down or on the porch than run and chase! He is a total momma's boy! We love that about him and feel it is an ideal characteristic for the perfect pet!

Foxpoint Sir Vincent, AKC

Durango's dream maker, AKC

frosty p cannon, akc

Foxpoint Elvis Teddy Bear Cannon, rn, akc

cooper bright star, akc