Fox Point Farm

Tie-up bed, est 2012

creekside shade, est 2013

Bunk house corner, est 2012

Shade Beds

I'm so excited to finally have some shady spots to play with! We used to have only baking sun beds and shade loving plants fried. Over the past 20 years we planted bushes and cultivated trees, now we have several shade beds that we could start filling in 2012. I've been experimenting with Hostas successfully for the first time. My mother gave me a few plants that multiplied beautifully! We added a few more hostas from Lowes, then more from mother. After seeing the success of my first bed in Spring 2012 (Tie-Up Bed), so Fall 2012 (Bunk House Corner) we started another, the last we added Spring 2013 (Creekside Shade).