Fox Point Farm has a fun Full Service Lesson Program complete with experienced well-trained horses. We offer lessons in both English/Hunter /Jumper and Western/Western Pleasure/Trail/Horsemanship.

If you cannot make your lesson, we ask that you text us or email us directly so we can try to fill your spot.

Make-up times for missed lessons are available during classes of less than 4. Please text us to get available times.

All lesson cancellations by FPF will be put on the message, it is a good idea each time you head out here to check and see if an emergency or weather problem has canceled your lesson. If the message sounds old, it is safe to assume everything is normal.

If for some reason you come out and unexpectedly your lesson has been canceled - you will receive an apology and a free lesson the next time you return.

Private and Semi-private lessons are the perfect choice if you are needing a specialized type of lesson (just groundwork, patterns, western, etc). We are also more flexible about offering lessons under or over 1 hour when they are privates. Family and/or friends groups are really popular right now, think about getting together and having fun! We can make it happen!

We teach from the very young (our youngest student has been 3 years old) to the very grown (our most mature adults are 60+ when they start lessons). Great fulfilling results can be had for everyone with good communication between us and the students. Please explain to us what your goals may be so we can together make a viable plan to reach them. We are an obvious choice for the highly competitive rider, but we are also a great choice for the 'once a week' 'just for pleasure' rider too. We have many options for you to explore and most students experiment with different styles and horses before choosing a focus.

Riding lessons

Your lesson experience can be from totally hands-on (catching, grooming, tacking and untacking) to completely turn-key (your horse completely prepared before you ride and taken care of after you ride), it's all up to you. We prefer a good combination and balance between the two. Keep in communication with us if you have any fear or anxiety about any of these steps - it is totally important that you are happy - give us a chance to find a solution to whatever ails you whether it be needing a new horse or needing help putting the bridle on before you give up or try a new place. We want to meet your needs and keep you excited about coming each and every time.

Fox Point Farm

We encourage riders to ride as often as possible so we offer Practice Rides/Trailrides for regular lesson students at $35/ride (approx 1 hr).

Riders must be able to catch, groom, tack and untack without assistance from FPF employees (parents are welcome to help), and practice times are available both during the week and on the weekends. Check with us for more information.

Lesson Rates:

Group (1 hour) 3-5 riders .....$50/ea or $150/4 lessons (compare at $70-85/ea, $240-280/mo)

Semi-Private (1 hour) 2 riders .....$60/ea or $220/4 lessons (compare at $95/ea, $320/mo and only 30 mins) 

Private (45 mins) 1 rider ........$75/ea or $250/4 lessons (compare at $85-95/ea, $240-280/mo and only 30mins) 

Boarders/Lessors Discounted Rates:

Discounted Group ........ $45/ea or $130/4 lessons

Discounted Semi-Private ........ $55/ea or $200/4 lessons

Discounted Private ......... $70/ea or $230/4 lessons


Text or email today to start your journey to becoming a better rider and horseman!

We give private and group lessons mornings, afternoons and evenings every week Monday through Thursday. Our horseshow schedule is so packed that no lessons are given on 'weekend' days because most of the time we are at a horseshow.

Contact us and we will find a time that works for you!

FPF Hotline 803-802-3888

Charlotte Cannon - or 980-722-2828 (text pls, Charlotte hates talking on the phone)
Tommy Robinson - or 336-469-0676 (text or call)

Most group lessons meet once a week after school/work. Group lessons have 3 to 5 regular students in them each week. We have adult groups who meet Tuesday and Thursday morning.