For pricing and to schedule a clinic contact;

Charlotte Cannon text  980-722-2828

3/31/18 Relaxation and Confidence Building, Fox Point Farm, Indian Land SC

             Contact Charlotte Cannon 980-722-2828 

4/8/18 Relaxation and Confidence Building + Liberty, Appomattox, VA

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6/3/18 Relaxation and Confidence Building, Camden, SC

             Contact Linda Klien 803-427-7553 

6/24/18 Relaxation and Confidence Building, Concord, NC

             Contact Kristen Klaus

7/28/18 Relaxation and Confidence Building, Culpeper, VA

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8/4/18 Relaxation and Confidence Building, Gastonia, NC

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8/11/18 Relaxation and Confidence Building, Huntersville, NC

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10/20-21/18 Relaxation and Confidence Building, Linden, NC (super kid friendly)

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10/27/18 Relaxation and Confidence Building, York, SC 

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11/4/18 Relaxation and Confidence Building, Gordonsville, VA

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12/8-9/18 Relaxation and Confidence Building, Linden, NC

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12/11-12/18 Relaxation and Confidence Building Clinic, NC

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1/17-18/19 Relaxation and Confidence Building, Greenville, NC

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1/27/19 Relaxation and Confidence Building, lover, 

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2/1-3/19 Relaxation and Confidence Building, Linden, NC

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2/15/19 "Walk the Line" Clinic, Greenville, NC

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2/16/19 Relaxation and Confidence Building, Greenville, NC

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2/23/19 Relaxation and Confidence Building, Charlotte, NC

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3/23-24 Relaxation and Confidence Building Clinic, Culpeper, VA

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4/15/19 Relaxation and Confidence Building Clinic, Camden, SC

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5/11/19 Relaxation and Confidence Building, Charlotte, NC
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5/25-26/19 Relaxation and Confidence Building, Myrtle Beach, NC

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6/8-9/19 Relaxation and Confidence Building Clinic, Linden, NC

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6/22-23/19 Relaxation and Confidence Building Clinic, Culpeper, VA

                  Contact Susan Deal 703-898-4172


- Fear and learning

- Endorphins vs Adrenaline

- Hierarchy of Equine Needs

- Left Brain/Right Brain

- Posture and Balance

- Calm Connection Patterns

- Touch-it

- Conditioned Response

Fox Point Farm


- Rewrite your horses response to pressure and stimulus

- Strategies for shows

- Increase awareness

- Help more horses be successful

- Help more humans be successful

advanced concepts

- Emotional Ladder

- Mirroring

- Window of Tolerance 

- TAP - full TAP, half TAP

- Genetic/Body Shape Personality

- Right Eye/Left Eye Imbalance 

- Pete Rodda's Walk the Line

- Muscle brace as it relates to physical weakness

- Emotional Map

- Big picture - flies, other animals, etc

- Swirlology

- Horse selection clues to personality and soundness

Interesting Articles to Study to Learn More:

Adrenaline, Endorphins and Equine Hierarchy of Needs

Left Brain Right Brain 

Introverts Extroverts Patterns of Learning

Genetic Personality


Body Language Ideas

Balance and Posture

Adrenaline Endorphin Cheat Sheet

Relaxation for the Performance Horse

Rethinking Introvert/Extrovert Strategies - finding Balance, Peace and Harmony

Unreasonable Fear -Why after a baby, life change or injury do we become filled with paralyzing fear?

relaxation & Confidence building clinics


- Playground of Safety for relaxation and awareness

- Crossing Feet to light up different parts of the brain

- Endotapping for physical and emotional release

- Calm Connection Patterns for show strategy

- Touch-it -> Positive Reward for building confidence

- Conditioned Response for sight/sound/touch relaxation trigger

relaxation & Confidence building program

Charlotte Cannon is a person constantly striving to find the best way to build rapport, understanding and communication to excel with the horse. Her goal is to develop a easy to follow, simple system, that allows more horses and their humans to build mutually beneficial, satisfying relationships to reach levels of performance and success they never imagined possible.

She has literally pulled information from all over the world, numerous disciplines and modalities to develop her program. It is something completely unique and effective, that preserves the dignity of both the horse and human while yielding incredible results!

Charlotte is a super-learner that can organize many seemingly unrelated details and pieces into a cohesive, beautiful picture. She can help you find the keys to unlock the untapped potential in your horse and yourself and she makes it FUN!

riding techniques

(not in most basic 1 day clinics)

- Mirroring

- Hinge in Back

- Life up/life down

- Flexions for lateral and vertical softness

- Crossing feet to light up brain

- Turn into the fence

- Breathing/posture/expression 

In her Basic Relaxation and Confidence Building Clinics,

Charlotte has 5 Goals, 8 Concepts and 6 Techniques. 

She teaches, starting in the barn and proceeds to the ring.


She fully explains the concepts and techniques, before adding horses, so students really understand all the material before playing and practicing. 

She helps each student, one on one as needed, so their horse and they can grasp and perform each technique.

Everything Charlotte presents can be broken down super simple, and can have varying levels of difficulty to adapt to each student and their horse.

All teaching is done in a positive, encouraging, enthusiastic manner. This is about becoming a great puzzle solver and developing confidence in yourself and your horse.

Horses of all ages and levels, as well as humans of all ages and levels, will benefit from these concepts and techniques. This spans across breed and discipline too.

Detailed handout for participants and auditors.

Numbers of participants are limited. Auditors are always encouraged.