Fox Point Farm

Gardening is a super fun and relaxing pastime that can bring you great joy! My mother, grandmothers and sister all have gardened and created great works of art in their yards! I wanted to add this section of my website to hopefully inspire you to try to create some beautiful beds of your own!

I am no educated gardener. I am a horse professional that uses my garden to decompress from real life. My little place isn't the "Biltmore Estate", what it is is a well loved, attainable garden filled with super easy plants that you can grow too! I want to introduce you to some really easy plants you can choose to begin your adventure into gardening! Every plant I use is hardy and 'wants' to live. If you pick some of my tried and true choices, you can have amazing results!

I will be posting beds from creation to maturity! A garden is never finished, there is always something that can be tweaked, separated and improved. Dividing, replanting and sharing your best plants with your friends can be one of the greatest joys you get from your garden. Trading plants can brighten your bed and theirs! I welcome your extra plants, and would love to share my extras with you too!

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