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I grew up in Culpeper, Virginia in the middle of horse country. From my earliest days all I wanted to do was play with horses and ride. Those were the day when the Thoroughbred was King of the racetrack, show ring and the hunt field. Everyone loved TBs, and anyone that was any good, rode them. They were the ultimate in athleticism and intelligence. 

I started riding TBs early, my large pony was even a TB twin. Being able to ride them well opened many doors to amazing jobs and opportunities that I could never have afforded otherwise. If you learn to ride and work with them now, you too will see loads of opportunities start to come your way!

I would like to help others discover the joy, power and love of the TB horse.

I'd love to open others' minds to all the amazing advantages to starting with an OTTB vs a non-OTTB. 

I'd like to help others sort through the deluge of available horses to find those special ones that will make you successful.

I'd love to help you find the concepts and techniques that will connect to your horse, and help him easily make that transition from racehorse to your horse!

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From selection to restarting, to relaxation to performance, we have a proven system that makes OTTBs fun and rewarding!

Whether you are getting into OTTBs to find your next soulmate or to make a profit, we can help you realize your dream and learn while you are doing it!