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In July 2004 a horse came in for training that would forever change my life. He had been started fairly poorly by another trainer, and he was not comfortable or confident in the saddle or the rider. He bucked significantly every time he was saddled and required lunging to settle before I could safely mount. He was big, stout and from my point of view, a beautiful mover. His owner studied Parelli Natural Horsemanship and wanted him developed naturally but also for APHA showing. At the time there were few if any, trainers with  natural horsemanship foundations that were developing western pleasure or hunter under saddle horses. I was determined that I would be the trainer that would bridge the gap between the natural horsemanship ideas, theories  and techniques and the modern APHA show horse.

I already had a strong natural horsemanship foundation and used natural techniques to develop my horses, and with the introduction of the Parelli, my progress became much more organized, systematic and teachable to both horses and students. This was my first horse really developed using the PNH system.

I worked on this horse off an on for 4 years. He was an incredibly tough and challenging physically, mentally and emotionally. I had to figure out different ways to work with him bc the standard ideas, both normal and natural, just didn't work.

After feeling like I had 'hit rock bottom' with him, I was forced to really dig deep inside myself to come up with a new plan to reach him. I started using poles in creative ways and made a HUGE breakthrough. Even our vet was shocked when she examined him next and made the comment that sent my life in a new and much deeper direction, "You have opened nueropathways in this horse that are impossible to open. You have improved issues that were chronic and should not improve. This is incredible! What did you do?"

I had no idea what a nueropathway really was, but I did know what I had done, literally, that had made the change. This opened a whole new reality for me. I got online and researched nueropathways and found fascinating information that has changed the way I think, teach and train horses and people. I have found information, insights and ideas written about humans that I have applied to the horses. There is almost no research of this kind on horses. I intend to organize the human-based information, apply to the horses, write my findings and post with all my Articles under Showing Naturally.

Here I have collected articles I find useful in my research. Perhaps you will also find them useful;

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