Fox Point Farm

letter to new families

Congratulations!  After you have made your choice and your deposit on your perfect puppy, there are so many questions. I thought it would be great to answer some of those here so you will feel prepared when time gets close for your new baby to come home!

First please send me your full name, address and phone numbers for the AKC, health certificate and shipping (if needed).

Next please send me the approximate date you hope your puppy will come home so I can schedule the health certificate correctly (within 5 days). If I need to ship via air, please send me the name of your nearest airport. I can make reservations up to a week in advance. It is slightly more expensive if I need to make less than 48 hrs ahead, so I like some wiggle room. If weather (cold, snow, ice or heat) might be an issue in your area, please let me know.

Puppies are fully weaned from mom by 7 weeks.  They eat 3 meals per day of Purina Pro Plan, Puppy Focus, chicken and rice with shredded chicken. They do great on the Pro Plan, I encourage you to try it. We get it at Petsmart. If you cannot find the exact bag we have, try to get Purina Pro Plan Puppy. We feed them as much as they want. Ask your vet for the recommended amount for your puppy. Our dogs get loads of exercise, they eat quite a lot because of that.

Your puppy has been dewormed at 2, 4, 6 and (will be) 8 weeks with Strongid Dewormer. At 6 weeks we gave 3 days of Panacur for hookworms. Living on a horse farm exposes our dogs to more hooks than the average non-horse farm dog. We routinely deworm all our dogs (adults and puppies) with 3 days of Panacur. It is cheap and easy.

Have fecals done each visit to the vet. Stress can give coccidia and/or giardia a chance to grow. If you catch things early, they are easy to treat with a little squirt in the mouth. Loose stool/poop is a great sign you may have picked up a parasite at the park or on a walk. Don't freak, just treat, and things will be fine.

Your puppy will come home with a toy and/or a blanket that smells like his siblings. Give him a few days to settle in before you wash them. Plenty of love and cuddles will ease his mind during the transition to his great new home.

Your puppy has been raised in a Potty Training Puppy Apartment with potty pads and pine shavings in his 'suite' to absorb when he potties. Use those as a 'litter box' when you need to. We highly recommend the Potty Training Puppy Apartment to make your life dramatically easier!

Click here to see what the Potty Training Puppy Apartment is and how to get one. 

Frontline makes an excellent flea prevention that sprays on, one spray per pound. We use this on our puppies to keep the fleas off and tapeworms away. Ask your vet when they recommend starting heartworm prevention. Advantage Multi, purchased from our vet, is the heartworm and flea prevention we use for all our adult dogs. DO NOT USE any product containing IVERMECTIN. IVERMECTIN IS TOXIC to dogs of collie or herding decent. Some vet techs don't think of this and will give normal heartworm prevention to you. It can cause seizures or death. ASK if the heartworm prevention contains Ivermectin before giving it to your sheltie or poshie.

Full payment for your puppy is expected before shipping or at pickup. You may make your final payment via Paypal, cash or check. If you are using a check, please allow 10 days before shipping/picking up for the check to clear. If you are paying at the time of pickup, cash only will be accepted. Payments to Paypal can be made using my email address. Remember to add your shipping costs (if I am paying for a crate/health cert/flight) to the balance of your puppy.

Health and Temperament Guarantee:

Your puppy comes with a full money back guarantee with return of the puppy (and his papers) for the purchase price (including deposits) for any reason for 3 years. Any issues that occur after this 3 year window will be addressed on a case by case basis. Puppies/adults are always welcome here at any point, no questions asked. We never want any of our puppies to be unwanted and in need of a rescue or a shelter. We can help, please let us! Puppy Guarantee and Contract

Please include your puppy in your Will, if there is no family member ready and wanting your dog, please contact us, we will take it back. We are here to support you for the life of your puppy! Please tell me about any challenges you experience. I am here to listen and help you through it all!

All puppies/adults are sold as pets with Limited AKC Registration unless otherwise indicated. It is our understanding you are not using the puppy/adult you purchase from us for breeding.

We recommend waiting until 9-12 months to spay/neuter your puppy. AKC has said waiting is best. Sex hormones actually provide protection from some forms of cancer. Your puppy will also stop growing sooner if you wait to spay/neuter. We do expect your puppy/adult to be fixed when it leaves here unless otherwise noted. The smallest Shelties have been fixed late. Fixing them early will cause their bones to continue to grow and their bones will be longer and less dense. Your puppy will be taller if you fix it early.

Lastly have patience and enjoy your new family member during this transition period! Shelties and poshies learn best with positive reinforcement and consistency. A smile, big pat and/or treat will motivate your new family member to do the things you want. Teach him what you WANT him to do, punishment (yelling, hitting) only frightens him. Build confidence and trust and you will have a best friend for life!

For Puppies who are Shipping:

We safely ship all the time. It is a great way to get your puppy home fast if you live far away. Shipping is actually safer and less stressful on your puppy than a long drive. If you have decided to ship, you need to know these things.

We will need your full name, address, contact numbers, preferred airport and preferred date of shipping to book your puppy's flight. We ship with Delta Cargo. Shipping is usually $350 total, that includes flight, health certificate, crate and transport to vet and airport. If you desire Delta Dash (some airports require it), there is an additional $100 fee charged by Delta. Nearly all puppies can be booked without needing Dash.

We book early flights so that if for some reason your puppy misses its connection, it still has time to catch another flight and get home safely. Please be prepared to pick up in the afternoon, it is not as reliable to plan an evening pick up. Please be prepared to wait just in case your flight is delayed. We usually ship on the weekdays, occasionally on Saturdays, we don't ship on Sundays.

Pick up will be at Delta Cargo Terminal, not the Main people Terminal. The Cargo Terminal will be close to, but not at the same address as the Main Terminal. The only time you pick up at the baggage area is if Cargo is closed. Please call Delta Cargo to get directions to your local Delta Cargo Terminal. 800-352-2746

When your puppy arrives, please do NOT take it out to potty at the airport. Everyone takes their puppy out on the same grass area and you risk exposing your puppy to Parvo and a host of other nasty things left by others. The crate is filled with absorbent bedding, your puppy will be fine until you get home to 'safe' grass.

Delta is required to offer puppies food and water during their travel. If your puppy doesn't eat or becomes motion sick, it may have hypoglycemia or low blood sugar when it arrives. If your puppy is lethargic, ataxic, stumbling or stiff in its legs, you need to give Karo Syrup in the mouth immediately. If you don't have Karo, you may use pancake syrup. The sugar rush should snap it out and offer food and water immediately. There will be a ziplock bag of our food taped to the top of the crate, use this food. If your puppy is still not eating, please offer some canned food. Soft food will entice most every puppy to eat. Your puppy was healthy and wild here before it left, if it seems droopy or uncoordinated, there is a problem and you need to call your vet right away.

We want you to have your dog of a lifetime and wish you all the best! I am here to help you with any challenges you may have! PLEASE SEND PICS AND UPDATES! I LOVE them!!!!