We are going through some restructuring in our Horse Program at Fox Point Farm right now for several reasons. We have always done our best to give all we have to our students and their families. Right now we are stretched too thin and must make some hard decisions for the future. Nothing is set in stone yet, but I will do my best to outline what is happening and why here.

For several years our insurance has kept increasing at an alarming rate despite the fact we have made no claims. There gets to be a point that the cost of doing things properly is more than we make offering the service. We have been beyond that point for some time.

The weather has been rough this winter with the wet and cold. We are not in the position to build a covered arena, and after investing $3600 more in fancy drains this winter, that haven't really helped, we are just tired of fighting the weather and losing.

Our dog business has grown exponentially over the past ten years, and it is now supporting the horses. We have, as we do everything, worked hard to do everything to the highest standard. Part of this was getting inspected and licensed with the USDA to legally be allowed to safely ship puppies to clients throughout the world. With this license comes an ENORMOUS amount of physical and paperwork. At this point, with the number of lessons we teach and clients we service, we cannot keep up to date on this and something must give.

The dogs need more time and there are no more hours in each day to work. I have to cut back on my lesson hours so that I do not risk my USDA license. We have a wonderful USDA agent now, but she informed me today that she is scheduled to retire. I must have the time I need to complete the needed paperwork.

What does all this mean to you?

No new students or boarders at this time.

We will continue to offer some lessons, they won't be to the extent we offer them now. We will likely continue to teach our show clients, boarders and clients leasing horses. We may or may not offer our usual weekly lessons to clients without horses. Fees will remain the same.

Group Lessons at FPF are $50/ea, $150/4 lessons.

Semi-Private Lessons (2 riders) are $60/ea or $220/4 lessons.

Private Lessons are $75/ea or $250/4 lessons.

We will continue to offer boarding to our current clients. If we have lesson students that buy a horse, if there is room, we are happy to offer you boarding. Fees will remain the same.

Stall Board is $525/mo.

Pasture Board is $450/mo.

We will do two weeks of Summer Horse Camp this summer. It is already full.

Week 1 - July 23-27, 2018

Week 2 - August 6-10, 2018

The cost is $450/wk for daycamp.

Once we get things settled here, we may take Training Horses on a case by case basis as time permits. Training (Full Board included) is $1250/mo.

We will continue to take our clients to shows. Show Fees will remain the same.

Coaching - $50/day 3+ riders, $75/day 2 riders, $150/day 1 rider

Trailering - $1/mile.

Horse Rental - $50/day

Once Summer Camp has ended we will likely be selling a few of our school horses. We have some that will remain and may be available for lease. Lease periods of 6 or 12 months only, no short term leases.

Lease price is board (pasture or stall board, $450 or $550)

plus expenses (shoeing, vet, dentist, etc).

Horses for lease after camp:








Sales Horses/Ponies will likely include Penelope and Honey.

Please inquire with Charlotte or Tommy if you are interested.

I know this will likely come as quite a shock, honestly my heart is breaking that we cannot continue to offer the wide variety of services we have always offered. I adore teaching and having all the kids and families here everyday enjoying what we have built. But there are moments when we must face facts and make the tough choices so we can survive. This is one of those times. I deeply apologize for the inconvenience to everyone.


Charlotte and Tommy

Horse Program

Fox Point Farm