Show Fee Breakdown:

Coaching  -  $50/day 3+ riders: $75/day 2 riders: $150/day 1 rider. Most open and hunter shows have 3+ riders. For multi-day shows, prices may be higher bc of the required help at home and missed lessons.

Trailering - $1/mile. Open shows $25-40/trip: hunter shows $35-50/trip: APHA shows $50-160/trip approx.

Horse Rental (if you do not own or lease) - $50/day

Per Class Show Fee - open shows $5-15 approx/class: hunter shows $8-15 approx/class: APHA shows $16-32 approx/class

Banding/Braiding - $40/band: $60/braid. Riders may do themselves. Not necessary for open or hunter shows.

Stall (for overnight show) - $40-55 approx/weekend + shavings. Most open and hunter shows are 1 day so no stall.

Clipping - $25/face only: $35/face + ears: $50/face + ears + legs. Included in horse rental. Riders may do themselves w/ their own clippers.

Bath - $25/horse. Riders may do themselves.

Day Fee (feeding and stall cleaning) - $15/day. Riders may do themselves.

Open Shows- We have a variety of open show circuits in our area. Most open shows offer a combination of english, western and game classes. Although many are quite competitive with lots of entries in each class, riders are not 'required' to have the fancy expensive attire and equipment they need in big hunter or breed competitions. These are shows to try new things and 'get your feet wet'. Your classes will usually be spread throughout the day so plan food, drinks and seats (& sunscreen). Parents (or spouses) might bring a book or paper to read between events. Open shows are a fun way to get started and check out all the options open to you before you make a big commitment to a fancy outfit, expensive tack or your own horse.

Building confidence is what life and showing are all about. We offer a variety of options so each horse and/or rider can start in a comfortable place and progress as far as they can dream. Our schedule includes hunter shows, open shows and APHA breed shows. We successfully show both locally and nationally with innumerable local, state and national titles. We are as serious and professional with your first beginner show, as we are with your biggest life moment. 

show options

Winning is important to every committed competitor, but winning is not our first goal.  We want to produce riders who can truly RIDE; who have the knowledge, ability and skills to produce what they are riding. We want riders to appreciate the developments in both their horses and themselves. We want riders to take away the ability to bring another horse along in the future. We are not about winning at all costs; we are not about setting riders up on finished horses like Barbies; we are about producing horsemen who have a respect and an attitude of justice for their partner, their horse.

Fox Point Farm

show fees

Charlotte and Tommy feel showing should be affordable for everyone. If you are on a tight family budget, we do offer local show days that nearly anyone (including your child) could save for and afford. We also have big-time showing with cost-cutting options so most riders willing to 'do their own work' (stall cleaning, braiding/banding, grooming) can experience big shows on tight budgets. We also offer full service showing (we do all the work) for the family who desires quality time together (and more sleep ...). We can accommodate your personal situation with ease.             

Our experienced schoolhorses are available for students at the open and hunter shows. We offer trailering, coaching and support for all our riders. APHA (paint breed) shows are an option for the more experienced rider with their own horse. We have a marvelous group who attend our shows; you will be welcomed, encouraged and supported. Sharing food and fun has been a focus not only for the riders but also for their families. We have a team or family spirit at Fox Point Farm and insist on always displaying good sportsmanship and good horsemanship regardless of the situation (winning, not winning; horse behaving, not behaving). Every experience can be a positive learning experience (even when it may be what not to do).

horse showing

We are about creating complete horses who can be enjoyed in a variety of events and disciplines. Tommy and Charlotte have the experience and foresight to identify suitable events and classes for your horse to be successful. Each horse (and rider) is an individual and although we strive to finish with a strong all-around competitor, finding that first event/class in which he can shine and develop is incredibly important.  A strong start will keep you and your horse confident enough to stretch and really explore your talents. Many horses (and riders) arrive with western pleasure or jumping dreams and end up starting with reining or trail first. We love all the classes and want to share as many with you as you want to learn!

Hunter Shows- We have wonderful hunter shows in our area with classes from Walk Only through Jumpers. Hunter shows are best at dividing riders according to age and skill level to give the most level groups and most opportunity for ribbons. Fewer riders and more specific classes are a huge draw for these english-only shows. At the beginner levels you may see a variety of outfits and horses but as the classes progress the competition is usually quite good. These are shows where riders can start with Walk-Trot and Crossrails and really keep progressing with higher jumps  more finesse. Riders usually compete in one or two Divisions of three classes each. Each class gives ribbons and each division awards a champion and reserve champion. Hunter shows are a great place to start and a wonderful place to keep challenging your riding with more difficult courses and competition.

APHA (Paint Breed) Shows- We are lucky to have two states (NC & SC) with APHA clubs who offer great showing 'close' to home. Paint shows are for APHA registered horses only. Any rider can show any horse in the Open Classes (open to anyone including professionals); if a rider wishes to show a horse in a Youth or Amateur Class a member of their family must be the official (on the registration papers) owner. For riders with their own horses paint showing offers a variety of classes/events unequalled by either open or hunter shows. Riders can compete in english, western, jumping, patterns, games, cattle events, halter and much more. Paint shows (like most breed shows) offer such variety to showcase the versatility of the breed. We have many riders who start with only one class who have progressed to 15 or 20 per show. Paint shows give the rider looking for more challenge a great place to develop (especially if higher jumps are holding them back at the hunter shows). There is great jumping at the paint shows but there is so much more too. Most paint shows are two day events, many with mainly english events one day/western events the next. Riders are divided by age and skill level and national points are awarded as well as ribbons. Although many college-bound riders come from hunter backgrounds, paint show 'points' are great indicators of a rider's ability, and will be beneficial in the screening process for college and university riding teams. We attend all the NC and SC APHA shows each year making our riders eligible for Year End High Point Awards. With the sheer number of shows in our area, many riders also qualify for Zone and National Awards too without ever leaving our states. We also attend a few big national shows each year including the APHA World Championships. A rider can go as far as they can dream  with hard work and determination at the APHA shows.

Showing is probably our favorite thing to do, whether we are stepping into the ring at the World Show, or we are at a local hunter show with a group of first time walk-trotters. All our lives competition has been a burning desire; and we love nothing more than taking our students and horses out into the world to "show" what they have accomplished. We build a solid natural foundation that creates 'complete' horses and riders who excel in many different events. Our program is unique and demonstrates over an over that the highest performance is achieved through building a confident relationship between horse and rider using natural techniques and psychology, rather than intimidation and gimmicks. We never sacrifice our horse's physical, mental or emotional health for a class or a ribbon, and because of that our horses offer us more than we ever dreamed they could!