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At Fox Point Farm we take sales and leasing very seriously. We feel your safety is our first priority. We will do our best to tell you absolutely everything we know, both good an bad, about a horse or pony. If we feel it is a poor fit, we will politely explain that to you and either direct you to a better fit or suggest you keep looking. We love horses and want them to all have great homes, but we also expect the horses to be great partners for the people who own/lease them. No horse is worth getting hurt. No amount of money is worth putting someone in a questionable spot. For this reason we are very picky about the horses we represent.

We occasionally take horses to sell for clients. Horse must pass our inspection and we reserve the right to send it home if  proves to have a serious issue that comes out during a prepuchase exam. Costs for this service are Training ($700/mo with stall, $600/mo in pasture), normal care (shoeing/trimming/dentist/etc),  actual charges from online sites to upload ads and 10% of final sales price. For this cost to you we will get your horse in shape to show by riding/training, clipping, shortening mane (if needed). We will take sales photos and videos, put them together with a good description of your horse and upload to the appropriate websites. We will answer buyer questions and prepare/meet/show your horse to clients with a positive attitude. We can act as your agent (or not) during negotiations and during the prepurchase exam. We will need your horse's original registration papers once buyers commit to exchange for the payment.

We act many times as a buyer's agent to help our clients get the best horse for them. For an industruy standard 10% of final purchase price we will look at as many ads/videos/emails as you can send, plus do our own extensive search using our extended network of trusted horseprofessionals and friends to find you the right horse. If we need to travel to look at a possible horse, our client (buyer) is responsible for all our expenses (food, hotel, travel) plus $100/day for missing our opportunity to work at home. As slow and frustrating as the process may seem, its much faster and less expensive than buying a horse yourself that doesn't work out. We love to help you find a great horse at an affordable price. It makes teaching you and helping you much easier, more enjoyable and vastly more rewarding when we see you happy!

Contact Tommy at 336-469-0676 or; or Charlotte at 980-722-2828 or to discuss your goals, options, plans and ultimate dreams! We would love to help you make them a reality!

For Sale -

None at this time.

For Lease -

Many of our lesson horses are available for half-lease. Normally this is $325/month or $1,800/6 months. If you would like a stall (instead of your horse living in the pasture), that is an additional $100/mo. On leased lesson horses you are not required to pay any other expenses. You would have access to ride/play with your horse anytime it is not scheduled for a lesson. This is a great first step into the horse business or a great option if you have a horse you cannot ride (injured, in training, etc) and you want to stay riding. These many be month-to-month or long term.

Lessons are NOT included in the Lease or Half-Lease price.

Lesson Horses Available For Lease:

Inky - leased Gilson
Rudy - available 
Angel - available
Possum - available 
Layla - leased Gilson
Belle - available
Caroline - not available
Winnie - not available
Oreo - not available

Pay standard Half-Lease here :

Per Month          Per 6 Months


Contact Charlotte or Tommy about any of these horses!

 Many times we have or know of horses available for full lease. Sometimes all you pay are the costs a normal owner would pay (board, shoes, vet, dentist, etc), this is usually called a 'free lease' because you are not paying the owner a leasing fee. Other times an owner has decided to 'lease' a horse and charges 1/3 the fair market value (the industry standard) for the use of that horse per year. You would also be responsible for the normal costs (including mortality insurance too usually). This is a way for a client to get a fancier horse for a year or two than they  might otherwise be able to afford. They also can return it at the end of the term and not deal with years of paying more board or selling issues. Lease price is usually due at the beginning of the term. Some of these horses have owners who must step away for a year or two (school, family,etc), others have been successful showhorses the owners don't wish to sell but are not using. Many of these horses available like this have issues that stop them from passing a normal sales vet exam, but with regular maintenance are winning useful horses. Make sure you find out the costs of maintenance and factor those into your figures, some are cheap ($25/mo) others can be more substantial. This is a great way to get into a fancy horse for a bit less at the beginning, some nice owners will occasionally offer the horse for sale to you if they see the bond is truly there.

We are happy to honestly talk to you about your goals and dreams and make an affordable plan to reach those. We want you to have fun and be successful! We want you to have a great experience in the horse business! Call or email us today!

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