Fox Point Farm

Fox Point Farm we enjoy celebrating our progress and accomplishments! We hosted our first Celebration on 11/8/14 and it was such a success couldn't stop there!

The Celebration is a barn show that allows our students an affordable opportunity to experience a horseshow, in a safe, supportive, fun environment!

We now plan the Spring and Fall Celebrations to celebrate all our wonderful students and their families!

Next Celebration is May 14, 2016. Sponsors needed!
Jimmy Buffet/Island Theme!!! Parents come in your relaxed beach clothes! Bring a cooler, chair, umbrella/tent and enjoy the day with us!!!

5/10/16 Rider Divisions have now been added for 5/14/16. I will make the splits once riders are confirmed.

Time : Show starts at 9am, times for classes are posted and approximate.
Awards : 6 ribbons in each class, Champion and Reserve Champion in each division
Attire: Show attire is appreciated but not required, we want everyone to join us

We need volunteers to help with food, registration and kids.
Please let Charlotte or Tommy know ahead of time if you will be participating. We hope to have approximate times for exibitors and spectators.
Show will start at 9am and run until we have finished.
Divisions will be split to allow riders to share horses. Times are approximate.

Divisions include:
Walk-Trot and Beginning Canter

Each Flat Division will have:
Equitation on the Flat (Dollar Bill Challenge)
Pleasure (Ball Challenge)
Poles-Crossrails-Hunter Hack

Approx 9am
1. Adult Equitation on the Flat
2. Adult Pleasure
3. Adult Barrels
4. Adult Poles-Crossrails-Hunter Hack
4a. Adult Champion and Reserve Champion
Approx 9:30am
5. Walk- Trot Equitation on the Flat
6. Walk-Trot Pleasure
7. Walk-Trot Barrels
8. Walk-Trot Poles or Crossrails
8a. Walk-Trot Champion and Reserve Champion
Approx 10am
9. Leadline - free to siblings and friends
Approx 10:30am
10. Walk-Trot-Beginning Canter Equitation on the Flat
11. Walk-Trot-Beginning Canter Pleasure
12.Walk-Trot-Beginning Canter Barrels
13.Walk-Trot-Beginning Canter Poles-Crossrails-Hunter Hack
13a. Walk-Trot-Beginning Canter Champion and Reserve Champion
Approx 1:00pm
14. Walk-Trot-Canter Equitation on the Flat
15. Walk-Trot-Canter Pleasure
16. Walk-Trot-Canter Barrels
17. Walk-Trot-Canter Poles-Crossrails-Hunter Hack
17a. Walk-Trot-Canter Champion and Reserve Champion
Approx 2:30pm
18. Crossrails OF
19. Crossrails OF
20. Crossrails US
21. Equitation On the Flat
21a. Crossrails Champion and Reserve Champion
Approx 3:00pm
22. Hunter OF 2' or 2'6"
23. Hunter OF 2' or 2'6"
24. Equitation OF 2' or 2'6"
25. Hunter Under Saddle
26. Equitation On the Flat
26a. Hunter/Equitation Champion and Reserve Champion
Approx 4:00pm
27. Western Walk-Jog
28. Western Go As You Please
29. Western Pleasure (WJL)
30. Western Horsemanship WJ
31. Western Horsemanship WJL
32. Western Trail WJ
33. Western Trail WJL
33a. Western Champion and Reserve Champion

In the Fall we have a bonfire, roast marshmallows and make s'mores! In the Spring we have the Lucky Duck pool and Champion and Reserve Champion riders get to choose a Lucky Duck and win a prize! Sponsorship opportunities are available!

We love for local artists and vendors to come and set up (at no charge) to display their creations and maybe even sell a few!
All we ask is a small prize donated to our Winner's Table.

We will be having a Clothes Swap! Bring your outgrown riding clothes to rehome, please clearly write your name and the price (if any) on a piece of tape stuck to the item. If you choose an item, please make a check payable to the name on the tape. Any clothes still here at the end of the day will go to Goodwill. If you don't want your clothes going to Goodwill, please take them home with you.

Rock painting is a fun free activity for young and old!

Please bring a snack or drinks to share, we will provide hot dogs and hamburgers at minimal cost ($1/$2). Snacks don't need to be fancy, we just want everyone to come together for some fun fellowship.

We are offering a Leadline Class is free and we encourage siblings and friends to participate!

We encourage all our students to participate and to invite their families and friends! It will be a joyful day!

Date : Saturday, May 14, 2016
Cost : $50/rider

fox point farm celebration