2019 schedule

12/8-9 Relaxation and Confidence Building Clinic, Linden (So Pines), NC

            Contact Taryn Garrett for more info

12/11-12 Relaxation and Confidence Building Clinic, NC

            Contact Ellen Glover for more info

12/15-16 Rain/Snow date for Linden Clinic

1/24-25 Charlotte in Ocala, FL with Sarah Martin

2/23 Relaxation and Confidence Building Clinic, Charlotte, NC

           Contact Sara Hinson for more info

3/9 Charlotte to judge Hunter Trials for Kelly Crib

4/29-5/12 Aiken with Tommy Serio

5/16-19 Sandhills with Tommy Serio

6/3-9 Tryon with Tommy Serio

6/24-30 NCJHA with Tommy Serio

7/1-7 Tryon with Tommy Serio

8/12-25 Kentucky with Tommy Serio

9/30-10/6 Raleigh with Tommy Serio

10/2-5 TB Makeover, Lexington, KY

10/22-27 Tryon with Tommy Serio

11/4-10 Raleigh with Tommy Serio

12/1-4/3 Tommy to FL

People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves, they have the first secret of success.


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