1/6 Foxhunting, MHI, Brewer

1/26-28 Charlotte and Tommy to FL

2/3 Foxhunting, MHI, Brewer

2/10 Foxhunting, MHI

2/24 Foxhunting, MHI

3/3-4 Lindsey Partridge Clinic, Farmville NC - Charlotte

3/3 Foxhunting, MHI - Tommy

3/9-11 Charlotte speaking in NY

3/9 Foxhunting - Tommy

3/17-18 Paint Show, PPHC

3/24 Hunter Show, TSHJA, Running Wind, open to everyone

3/24 Foxhunting, MHI, Closing Meet - Tommy

3/31 Relaxation Clinic with Charlotte, FPF

4/1 Easter

4/7 Charlotte judging in Camden

4/7-8 Paint Show, VAPHC, Lexington, VA - Tommy

4/8 Charlotte Liberty and Relaxation Clinic, Appomattox, VA

4/13-15 PSJ

4/16-30 Dancing Pete Rodda here teaching

4/21-22 Paint Show, PPHC

4/26-29 TB Transformation, Run for the Roses, Ocala FL

5/5-6 Paint Show, PPHC, 4 judges - Tommy going

5/5 Dan James Clinic, Atlanta - Charlotte going

5/12-13 PSJ Hunter Show, Highfields, Aiken, SC

5/12-13 Paint Show, CPHC, Lake Waccamaw

5/19-20 Charlotte to judge NC State 4H Show, WNAAA

5/26 TSCA Toy Sheltie Show, FPF

6/9-24 (approx.) Pinto Nationals

6/9 Hunter Show, CEC, Pine Tree, Camden SC

6/9 Hunter Show, TSHJA, Ridge Haven

6/20-23 SC State 4H Show

6/25-29 Special week - TBA

6/30 Hunter Show, TSHJA, Brandywine double points

No Weekly Lessons in July

7/12-15 Breyerfest, Lexington KY

7/20-22 Paint Show, CPHC, Williamston, NC

7/23-26 Summer Camp Week 1

8/4-5 PSJ Hunter Show, FENCE, Tryon, NC

8/6-10 Summer Camp Week 2

8/11-12 Paint Show, CPHC, Raleigh

8/13-19 Week off

8/25 Paint Show, PPHC

9/7-9 George Morris Clinic, Camden

9/7-9 TB Show, TIP Nationals, Lexington KY

9/15 Hunter Show, CEC, Tally Ho

9/15 Hunter Show, TSHJA, Ridge Haven

9/22-23 PSJ Hunter Show, Mullet Hall, Johns Island SC

10/4-7 TB Makeover, Lexington KY

10/20-22 SC State Fair Youth Show

10/27 Hunter Show, CEC, Springdale

10/27 Hunter Show, TSHJA, Brandywine

11/2-4 Paint Show, PPHC

11/17-18 PSJ Hunter Show, Highfields, Aiken SC

11/17 Hunter Show, CEC, finals

11/17 Hunter Show, TSHJA, Running Wind

12/8-9 Paint Show PPHC


1/7/17 MHI Foxhunt, Brewer begins, we do breakfast

1/13-15/17 Lowcountry Plantation Hunt weekend

1/14/17 Camden Hunt, Foxhunt

1/21/17 MHI Foxhunt

1/28/17 MHI Foxhunt

1/28/17 Charlotte to judge at Toopler Branch Farm in Lugoff

1/29/17 Demo Team Practice, 1-4pm

2/4/17 MHI Foxhunt

2/11/17 MHI Foxhunt

2/11/17 TSHJA Hunter Show, Running Wind, open to everyone

2/12/17 Demo Team Practice, 1-4pm

2/18/17 MHI Foxhunt

2/18/17 MHI Hunt Ball

2/18/17 Charlotte to judge at Lynn Conto's farm in Camden for Candi

2/25/17 Natalie Moore Fundraiser

3/4/17 MHI Foxhunt

3/4/17 PPHC Banquet

​3/5/17 Tommy and Charlotte day off

3/11/17 MHI Foxhunt

3/12/17 Tommy teaches clinic for Clemson Equestrian Team

3/11-12 Tik Maynard Clinic at FPF, open to advanced students and outside riders. $200/day, may do 1 or 2 days. $25/day to Audit Only. Contact Charlotte for more details.

3/18/17 PPHC Camden, 2 judges Paint/Open Show

3/25/17 TSHJA Hunter Show, Brandywine, Midland, NC, open to everyone

​3/26/17 Tommy and Charlotte day off

4/1/17 Dressage at FENCE

4/1-2/17 Weekend with Tik Maynard at The Fork, Tommy and Charlotte

4/8/17 TSHJA Hunter Show, Ridge Haven, Concord, NC, open to everyone

4/9/17 Demo Team Practice, 1-4pm

4/15-17/17 Charlotte and Tommy weekend off

4/21/17 Demo Team Practice, 5-8pm

4/22/17 NC Equine Expo and Open House,  Demo Team Performance, Pee Dee Horse Festival

4/22-23/17 PPHC, 2 judges Paint/Open Show

4/23/17 TIP show, Rosemont Farm, Fredricksburg, VA

4/28/17 Demo Team Practice, 5-8pm

4/29/17 Charlotte Steeplechase

4/29/17 Demo Team Performance, Concord, NC

4/30-5/1 Charlotte to GA for Dancing Pete Clinic

5/6-7/17 PPHC, 4 judges, Camden, Paint Show

5/7/17 TB show, KY Horse Park, Lexington, KY

5/13-14/17 PSJ Hunter Show, Aiken

5/13-14 Tommy judging 4-H District show, Lake Waccamaw

5/19/17 Demo Team Practice, 5-7pm

5/20/17 TSHJA Hunter Show, Brandywine, Midland, NC, open to everyone

5/20/17 TIP, Camden Spring Classic, Camden, SC

5/21/17 Celebration of the Horse, Demo Team Performance, UCSC

5/28/17 SRF, Culpeper, VA ?

6/4/17 Dressage show, Pine Tree Stables, Camden, SC

6/10/17 TSHJA Hunter Show, Ridge Haven, Concord, NC, open to everyone

6/12-24/17 Pinto World Show, Tulsa, OK

6/20-24 SC 4H Show, Clemson, SC, Intent to show deadline 3/15

6/24-25 PSJ, Aiken

6/26-30 Summer Horse Camp Week 1, Full,see more

7/1-9/17 Charlotte and Tommy week off

7/8-9 PSJ, Camden

7/10-14 Summer Horse Camp Week 2, Full,see more

7/13-16/17 CPHC, 8 judges, Williamston, NC, Paint Show

7/14-16 Breyerfest, Charlotte to go with Chapin

7/15/17 Dressage at FENCE

7/22/17 TSHJA Hunter Show, Running Wind, double points, open to everyone

7/24-28 Summer Horse Camp Week 3, see more

7/29-30/17 Charlotte and Tommy weekend off

8/2-6/17 SC 4H Regionals, Perry, GA

8/5-6 PSJ, Fence, Tryon

8/7-11 Summer Horse Camp Week 4, FULL, see more

8/12/17 CEC Hunter Show, Pine Tree Stables, Camden, SC

8/13/15 Dressage show, Pine Tree Stables, Camden, SC

8/19/17 Saturday Night Lights Counselor Appreciation, others welcome

8/20/17 Trip to VA w/ students to TB Rescue to adopt

8/26-27/17 PPHC, Camden, 2 judges Paint/Open Show

8/30/17 US Eventing Championships, Tryon, NC

9/1-3/17 George Morris Clinic in Camden

9/9 Foothills/CEC Hunter Show with TB division

9/16-17 Foothills Hunter, Camden 

9/23/17 Dressage at FENCE, Harmon Field

9/23/17 Saturday Night Lights, Tryon

9/24/17 Camden Hunt Clinic

9/26-29 Dancing Pete here for private lessons

9/29-30 Raleigh Festival with parents

9/30-10/9/17 Charlotte and Tommy week off

10/5-8/17 TB Makeover, Lexington, KY

10/13/17 Saturday Night Lights, Tryon

10/14-15/17 Gerd at 3-D, Dressage Clinic to audit

10/15/17 Drill Team competition at the State Fair

10/20-22/17 SC State Fair, Columbia, SC

10/21-22 CPHC, 4 judges, Paint Show, Williamston, NC

10/28/17 TSHJA Hunter Show, Running Wind, open to everyone

11/3/17 PPHC, 2 judges, Paint Show

11/4-5/17 PPHC, 4 judges, Paint Show

11/11/17 MHI Opening Meet

11/11-12/17 Dancing Pete at Cloud Nine in GA

11/18/17 TSHJA Hunter Show, Brandywine, Midland, NC, open to everyone

11/25-26/17 Thanksgiving weekend

12/2-3/17 Toy Sheltie Club of America Dog Show at FPF

12/9-10/17 PPHC, Camden, 2 judges Paint/Open Show

12/16-17/17 Charlotte and Tommy weekend off to visit family

12/23-24/17 Charlotte and Tommy weekend off to visit family

People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves, they have the first secret of success.


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