Fox Point Farm

2016 Fox Point Farm Demo Team

Thank you for bringing back such a fun group to bring joy, education, fun and inspiration to all that get to experience their show!

Melinda Mathes, Star

Holly Orel

Natalie Moore

Kelly Mathes

Emily Smith

Hannah Teague

Halle Teague

Anna Gilson


Sarah Hall

Chrissy Gilson

Payton Swan

Lulu Hill

Maddie Smith

Christine Schumer

Alivia Dettinger

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Fox point farm demo team

The Fox Point Farm Demo Team was created in 2008 after Pat Parelli asked Charlotte to develop a global kids' program. Although the kids' program never came to fruition with PNH at that time, Charlotte decided to move forward and continue the Demo Team with her best students. Their demos were fun, educational and inspiring! The Fox Point Farm Demo Team toured NC, SC, VA, TN and Charlotte and Skip performed in FL and GA too. 

In 2013 Charlotte's great partner of nearly 20 years passed away and the thought of doing the demo team without him, were too hard. The girls with which she had started had also grown up, gone to college and moved on, Charlotte Thought the years of magic were over. A broken leg in 2014, and a health scare in 2015, made the  Demo Team even further away from her mind, but the younger generation, led by a few older team members, pushed her to reconsider.

The summer of 2016 saw some incredible counselor demos at the end of each summer camp week. At last Charlotte saw the quality and talent she needed to light her fire again. She knew this new Demo Team could do great things!

Our new Demos have some of our great standard choreography and their are new songs created by the girls on the team! We have new educational portions, and Charlotte has three new horses who want to be the center of attention (time will tell who will be her main partner). The biggest addition is our big star, Melinda Mathes, a Make A Wish recipient who has beaten all the odds, a kidney transplant, weekly dialysis and more to be with us inspiring us to embrace life and each day's blessings as they unfold!

It may take a little time to polish and get it as slick as it was before, but I think this team has great depth and strength that we didn't know in our first Demo Team. We invite you to come out and support us and enjoy the music, the horses and the talent of all these young horsemen!

See Practices with our New Demo Team:

2016 Demo Team Debut Party


Melinda Mathes, Holly Orel, Kelly Mathes, Natalie Moore, Emily Smith, Hannah Teague, Halle Teague, Anna Gilson, Sarah Hall, Chrissy Gilson, Payton Swan, Jordan Brooks, Lulu Hill

what do we do?


The Fox Point Farm Demo Team works to develop good riders into great horsemen by working in all 4 "Savvies", Online, Liberty, Freestyle and Finesse.

Each rider must be a student of Fox Point Farm and be strong in flatwork and some jumping; they must be capable of doing "Pete's Groundwork" and the "Parelli Seven Games"; they must have the physical and mental fitness to not only work with their horse in a positive, playful way, but also with other horses and humans in a positive, supporting, encouraging way too;  they must be able to check their ego at the gate and put the needs of their horse and the team before their own; they must be prepared to step out or step in to support the team in the songs; they must be capable of maintaining a smile and great attitude through times of pressure and stress; lastly them must have the desire to get out and inspire others to be natural and kind to their horses to achieve phenomenal results. Talk to Charlotte if you are interested!

See Practice and Performance Schedules on our Events page.

Our Current Song Lineup:

She's Country - Online

Me and My Gang - Finesse Choreography

You Got the Look - Finesse Pairs 

Glamorous - Finesse Pairs

Blown Away - Finesse Choreography

Cupid Shuffle - Finesse Choreography

Greased Lightning - Finesse Choreography

I Can Only Imagine - Finnesse Choreography

Welcome to Where You Are - Present Melinda

(Charlotte talks)

Respect - Online (Pete's)

Can't Touch This - Online (7 Games)

All of Me - Liberty (Paragon/Fame)

Yeah - Liberty

Shake Your Tailfeather - Liberty

The Climb - Freestyle (bareback and/or bridleless)

So Small - Freestyle (bareback and/or bridleless)

Uptown Funk - Finesse - Driving

Our previous  Demo Team

We thank you for all your hard work in creating something so loved and so special!

Bekah Strunk

Madison Woschkolup

Jessica Moore

Holly Orel

Avery Fisher

Kelli Sandel

Zoe Sandall

Natalie Moore

Summer Helms

Emily Alvarez

Mackenzie Beaucage

Emma Camp

Jillian Gallindo

Sue Hanson, honorary adult member

Stefanie Mills, honorary adult member