Sable Girl #3
6oz at birth; approx 12lbs at maturity.
Showstopping golden sable girl with a big blaze and a thick full white collar! If you are looking for a super flashy, small, sable girl with perfect markings, here she is!
$2250, $500 deposit to hold - Premium List clients choosing now

Bc I own the sire I get Pick of the Litter. This is my pick of this litter and she is available now!


We are expecting more excellent puppies soon...

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980-722-2828 please text

Hope and Cooper had a gorgeous litter of little sables,  3 girls and 2 boys, all with excellent markings! As soon as Vanessa gets me good pics, I will post them and start offering them to our Premium List clients.

Fox Point Farm

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Updated 6/27/17

I respond as quickly as I can. Feel free to resend your text/email again if you are concerned I have overlooked it. Tommy has been in Tulsa at the Pinto World Show for three weeks with clients. They have been successful and won multiple world championships, but it has left me with more to do than you can imagine with all the horses and dogs. In the midst of it all we had an AKC Kennel Inspection. It went beautifully and the inspector said, "our dogs were so well socialized, they don't know they are dogs." Our records were impeccable and he was completely impressed by the condition of our dogs and facility. It was a completely positive experience. Overnight Summer Camp starts next week, so again I will be stretched pretty thin. I am pushing to respond to all texts, messages and emails in a timely manner.

Contact us for you next Sheltie, Poshie or Toonie puppy or adult!

980-722-2828 text please.

We appreciate our clients and friends! We are offering our 10% discount on your second puppy or adult from us, and 20% off of your third.

 If I, Charlotte Cannon/Fox Point Farm,  am not the breeder of a puppy (I post the names of all breeders), their breeder may test for fewer things, or not test at all. Please ask each breeder directly about the testing they do. I will do my best to post, but some breeders are currently doing testing and I may be slow to update.

available puppies 

Available to Premium list clients only

When a litter is born and becomes stable, I start offering it to our Premium List clients first. We have 3 Premium Lists; Sheltie only, Poshie (Toy Sheltie/Pom crosses) and Toonie (Toy Sheltie/Toy Aussie crosses). You may join one or all three with a single deposit. I offer from the top (#1) of each list on every litter. After each client has had up to 5 days to decide whether to choose or pass, I open the puppy up to the next client. Once I have offered a particular puppy to you, you may select it as long as it is still available. I do recommend checking out the puppies ahead and giving me a heads up on any you really like. Most clients respond within 24-48 hrs after I have offered a puppy to them. I do move down these lists as quickly as I can. Again, please let me know if you love a puppy, that way if I get to your number, I will know that you are most likely choosing the puppy and can let those after you know that it will likely not be available to them.

Hope (AKC Sheltie) and Cooper (AKC Sheltie) delivered 6/15/17.
Vanessa Ward breeder
We expect a great litter of tiny sables with perfect markings!
Maiden Hope is a gorgeous, rich sable girl we have been patiently (or not so patiently) been waiting on to get ready to breed! She is a total outcross from all of my lines (and the mainsteam Donna/Rick/Helen/Laura/Vivian lines too) and out of two itsy bitsy parents belonging to my friend Marsha. She is not only beautiful, but she also has a spectacular, outgoing personality and fit in here seamlessly when she came to 'visit' with Cooper. If you are looking for a gorgeous sable, with perfect markings, with the added bonus of being able to safely breed it to one of your other FPF puppies, this is your litter!
Hope belongs to Vanessa and Cooper belong to me, puppies will be born and raised in her home.
Vanessa will provide her own guarantee with these puppies.
Safe shipping is available these puppies.
These puppies will be AKC registered.

​​At FPF raising and offering the finest AKC Toy Shelties and Toy Sheltie crosses is our Passion! 

We put a tremendous amount of love, time, research and money into improving the quality, health, temperament, size and type of our AKC toy-size Shelties, Toy Sheltie-Toy Aussies (Carolina Toonies) and Poshies!

We are constantly studying the newest advances and discoveries to progress our care and breeding program to be one of the best in the nation!

I am here to help other breeders who need support, advice and honest leadership as well. If you have a question about our program, about our dogs or Toy Shelties, Toy Sheltie-Toy Aussies or Poshies in general, I'm always here to help!

See our MORE INFORMATION page to read about;

Fox Point Farm/Charlotte Cannon is USDA inspected, approved and licensed to safely ship, and about all of our Shipping Options. Read more...

Fox Point Farm/Charlotte Cannon does extensive, state of the art Genetic, Health and Temperament Testing on all our breeding dogs. We test for MDR1, VWD, DM, CEA, GM. We OFA hips. Read more...

Fox Point Farm/Charlotte Cannon registers with AKC,  TSCA and CTA. 

If a puppy has TSCA ,Toy Sheltie Club of America, registration papers, all genetic testing has been done by the breeder and the pairing has been confirmed suitable (will not produce an 'affected' puppy) by the TSCA. TSCA papers are your best guarantee that your puppy will be free from the common genetic diseases and that your puppy is not the product of a merle to merle breeding. Read more....

8/15/16 WARNING : There have been unethical individuals who have stolen my photos, text and information, to falsely represent them/it as their own, to sell puppies and get your money! I am shocked and disappointed at how easily this can occur and how little can be done to protect my dogs and me. Please be sure you are communicating with me personally, not a random person.

Contact me via email,, or text, 980-722-2828. I do not have another email or phone number from which to contact you. 

I have been contacted in the past month by 2 individuals who thought they bought one of my puppies. One went to a pet store in NYC and bought a Sheltie, the other went to ranch/farm in South Dakota and bought a Poshie. Both were told to contact me, Charlotte Cannon, for registration papers and my guarantee. These were not my dogs!

Contact me personally before purchasing one of My Dogs!

I DO NOT EVER sell to pet shops or puppy mills! 

Prices range from $1000-2250 depending upon registration, sex, color and size. AKC Toy Shelties are usually $1500-2250; non-AKC puppies are usually $1000-1500. 

Iris (Toy Aussie) and Soxy (Toy Sheltie) delivered 5/16/17.

Wendy James breeder

Iris and Soxy are having one last litter! The last litter has had some strikingly beautiful puppies who are super smart and adored by their families!  I love my Diva (Iris/Bullet) girl so much, I got a gorgeous girl, Fiddle, from Iris' last litter. She is an absolute doll! I highly recommend the cross! Perfect easy care coat that needs no extra attention to stay looking perfect and beautiful! Iris' puppies are also really, calm lovebugs! If you are looking for a sweet baby that loves to snuggle on the couch, these may be your puppies!

Iris and Soxy both belong to Wendy and puppies will be raised in her home.

Wendy offers the same guarantee I use.

Wendy is USDA inspected and licensed to safely ship.

Puppies will be eligible for Carolina Toonie registration.

Sable Boy #1

7.3oz at birth; approx 12lbs at maturity.

Beautiful sable boy with a pretty blaze and full white collar!

$1750, $500 deposit to hold - Premium List clients choosing now

Sable Boy 3
6oz at birth; approx 12lbs at maturity.
Super flashy mahogany sable boy with a big blaze, full white collar and four white feet.
$1000, $500 to hold - Premium List clients choosing now

available to everyone

We offer all of our puppies to our Premium List clients  first. Once their selections have been made, any remaining puppies are available to everyone, first come/first serve. A paid deposit is required to hold a puppy, no exceptions.  The best way to make your deposit is to use the PayPal button beneath the puppy. In the case that I'm not able to update the website immediately and multiple deposits are made on the same puppy, the client who submitted the deposit first will get the puppy.

Check us out on Facebook! Search "Fox Point Farm Toy Shelties", Like us and get more pics and updates! New photos posted almost daily!

All our dogs are on heartworm and flea prevention, they are all properly vaccinated, and they have full run of the farm. They are on excellent quality food recommended by our vet (Purina Pro Plan), and they sleep in our bed or a crate inside each night.

You may call our vet for references, Faulkner Animal Hospital 803-286-8131.

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