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At Fox Point Farm our great producers and pets stay for a lifetime. We have the room for all of them to stay, but occasionally we have a sheltie or poshie that  doesn't like life on a busy farm and would rather have their own family and maybe a couch with no competition. All our adults are crate trained and either sleep in the bed with us or in a crate at night. Most have free rein of the house, but we do watch the boys more carefully (breeding boys may mark in the house where another has marked before). We keep belly bands on our breeding boys when they are inside. We work outside, so few of our dogs are used to being inside all day. They may need a refresher on asking to go out. If I'm sick they will lie with me on the bed all day, but that's about the biggest 'inside' day they have. They are all super sweet, smart and have tolerated all kinds of people and all kinds of animals. Every adult we have sold/placed has really done amazing! I think they love all the extra attention a small family can give.

Rusty is a precious little Poshie boy born in Feb '18. He is house broken, crate trained, walks on a leash and knows some basic obedience already. He is fully vaccinated, super friendly, lively and outgoing! He is still a puppy with puppy energy, and would adore an active family! Great in the car, super confident and intelligent! He is ready to go!

$1250, $500 deposit to hold - Poshie Premium List choosing first