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also see "The Young Toy Sheltie Girls"

At Fox Point Farm we have chosen tiny Shelties of UK type to be our perfect partners! We take all of them everywhere we go! They sleep in, next to and under our bed each night! We are truly a family that enjoys one another. We have picked our breeding shelties with great care.  I have also chosen to 'outcross' our breeding dogs after having a very bad experience with a 'tightly line-bred' male, Timmy, I bought years ago. We believe the larger gene pool will produce hardier, healthier shelties for a longer and happier life. Our shelties have all the qualities that make shelties special plus this great toy size!  Shelties are undeniably beautiful, their beauty is only surpassed by the devotion they bestow upon 'their person' or 'their family'. I tease that nearly all of our shelties have an 'anti-theft device' deep within them. I think a stranger would be very hard pressed to grab and steal one of my dogs, but if I were to walk up they would rush to me and overwhelm me with their eyes and hearts. The love a special dog can give is indescribable! Our tiny shelties could be the parents of your next 'perfect child'! Contact .


People always ask me how little is a Mini or Toy Sheltie of UK type compared to a standard size Sheltie? This is Bella (above) 12" and 17 lbs, our largest Sheltie, with Blue at standard 15" 24 lb Sheltie. I actually purchased Blue from a breeder who swore he was 11" and 11 lbs (he was 5 yrs when I bought him). You can imagine my shock when I arrived at the airport. The breeder refused to take him back, claiming he WAS the tiniest Sheltie they had ever had. When shown the pictures, they agreed maybe he was bigger than my dogs. Although a sweet soul, Blue was not socialized well and ran in circles and was petrified of other people and our horses. He was also a product a breeding of a full brother and sister (they swore he had no closely related dogs in his pedigree). Fortunately a lovely family wrote to me and offered to adopt him, after a lengthy meeting (to make sure Blue was comfortable), they took him home and he has been a great addition to their family.

Please keep in mind that although parents are 'toy-size', we can have some 'teacup' (8-10" mature) size puppies, some 'toy' (10-12 1/2" mature) and some 'miniature' (12 1/2-13 1/2" mature) puppies in the same litter. We are charting weights to give you the best prediction of your puppy's mature size. We feel the diversity in the gene pool outweighs the benefit of 'tightly' breeding for size. Really closely bred dogs can retain positive traits of a line, such as size, but can also retain negative traits of that line too, such as recessive heart defects, thyroid abnormalities, hip problems and temperament issues. Although it is a common accepted practice, we will risk size variations over health issues. We do not breed close relatives together!

We also feed our shelties very well. I had an unbelievable experience and found out firsthand that breeders will withhold food from puppies to keep their size small. Our puppies (and adults) are fed as much as they desire with frequent small meals. Our adults get lots of exercise so we don't have a problem with weight (other than Bella who is a bit chubby). Our weights are accurate and reasonable for you to expect. Our dogs are also fit and muscled, so if they spent their days on a couch, they might be a bit lighter as well. We NEVER withhold food from any of our dogs! Our dogs will mature to the proper size of their genes. As I stated above, healthy puppies/dogs are our first priority, if they are tiny, that's a bonus!

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Windy City's Bella Wella, AKC

Bella is the Original! She started this whole obsession with tiny shelties. She is 12 inches and used to be as light as a bird, today, not so much. She has devoted her life to looking after her mom and does a fabulous job! Gorgeous both inside and out Bella has her mom wrapped around her, currently substantial, body. Bella has made the personal choice not to bear children so she has more time to devote to her job. Her mom is absolutely crazy over her too!




Little Lady Cassandra Pearl, AKC (retired here)

Cassie is a doll! She is short at 11 1/2 inches but chunky at 14 lbs (she has a dense round little body)! She is a super confident girl who isn't afraid of anything! She is as happy to lie on the couch as she is to be out working horses. Cassie is a great jumper and listens very well, her puppies are super agility prospects for the small divisions! Cassie has the prettiest petite face, excellent tail set and the correct conformation reminiscent of the champions in her pedigree. She is our best producer of happy healthy puppies! We have Chrystie, a Cassie/Frosty daughter, Soxy, a Cassie/Hansel son, and one of my best friends Wendy has two Cassie granddaughters to continue her legacy.


Julie Cannon, AKC (retired here)
Julie is Bella's sister and a real sweetie! She is 12 inches and 12 lbs! She has a good herding drive who used to love her days outside beside her Dad working the 'ponies' every day. After her first litter of puppies forced her to stay inside, Julie has decided she prefers the house. She piles up on the couch and bed snuggling close to her family. She is a beautiful white-factored tri with a gorgeous full white collar, blaze and high white legs.  Julie has some of the wildest colored puppies we have ever seen! White swirls through the coats on some, perfect sheltie markings on others! She has proven to be a perfect mother, she even cared for others' puppies when they couldn't. I chose to have Julie spade after her last litter and she is retired now here with us. Two of my best friends have Julie/Hansel daughters and plan to continue the beautiful line Julie and her sister, Bella, started.

Lil Miss Maggie Mae II, AKC Maggie is happily retired in her new home being spoiled by her own little girl. 

Maggie is our super tiny, only 10 inches and 8 lbs little doll! Her personality is absolutely amazing! She is darling and will walk right up and speak to everyone! She twirls and hops in the cutest attention-getting acrobatics! Blessed with a full collar, blaze face and white factor, this tri-factor sable female can produce the beautiful ultra tiny toy shelties that are so nearly impossible to find!


 See our Young Toy Sheltie Girls for the girls we are currently breeding.


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