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Welcome to Fox Point Farm Toy Shelties and Poshies Available Puppies and Adults page!

At FPF raising and offering the finest Toy and Mini Shelties and Poshies is our Passion! We put a tremendous amount of love, time, research and money into improving the quality, health, temperament, size and type of our toy-size Shelties and our Poshies! We are constantly studying the newest advances and discoveries to progress our care and breeding program to be one of the best in the nation! I am here to help other breeders who need support, advice and honest leadership as well. If you have a question about our program, about our dogs or toy shelties or poshies in general, I'm always here to help!

We are excited about the new USDA law requiring all breeders with 4 or more breeding age females, sell online or ship, to be fully inspected and licensed by the USDA in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act. We feel this is an excellent step to shut down the puppymills throughout the Unites States.
We have contacted the USDA and they are making a visit as soon as field agents are available.
We are and were already in full compliance of the AWA standards of care and record keeping.
We have built a brand new kennel to comply to their housing requirements. We are also putting in a new tiled room in our home for our nursery (puppies are currently born and raised in my bedroom).
Although the expense will be considerable, we do wish to continue to serve clients from all over the country and the world with safe, affordable shipping options. 
We encourage you to ask all breeders you are considering, how they feel about this new law and if they plan to become licensed. Beware of people 'dumping' their dogs to escape this new legislation. This will give responsible breeders more credibility. It will also help you find and trust the best breeders with breed improvement as their goal.

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Puppy Application
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All our dogs are on heartworm and flea prevention, they are all properly vaccinated, and they have full run of the farm. They are on excellent quality food recommended by our vet (Purina Pro Plan), and they sleep in our bed or a crate inside each night.

***4/16/14 Updated***

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Available Puppies
  We are on puppywatch now!
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We appreciate our clients and friends! We are offering our 10% discount on your second puppy or adult from us; and 20% off of your third!

Honey Bunny (3/4 Toy Sheltie 1/4 Pom) to Peter Rabbit (AKC Sheltie) delivered 4/16/14

Puppies will be tiny sable 7/8 Toy Shelties!
Honey Bunny is the most perfect tiny Toy Sheltie you have ever seen! The dash of pom, gives her a beautiful, tiny chiseled face and a huge profuse coat! Bred to tiny teacup Peter, we expect tiny (10-11" and 5-8lbs) sable (tris possible) teacup Toy Shelties! I'm beyond excited to see my baby's babies!!!
Update: 4/2/14 Honey Bunny is getting bigger! We are excited!!!!
4/7/14 Honey Bunny is pregnant!! It was confirmed today via x-ray! The puppies are not mineralized enough yet to make an accurate puppy count.

4/16/14 Honey Bunny went into labor early delivering one tiny premature puppy ahome with me at her side. We rushed to the vet who xrayed and saw 2 more puppies inside. He advised doing an emergency c-section. The two puppies are obviously premature, incredibly tiny and not likely to survive. I am ing everything in my power to save them. I am tube-feeding every 90 mins around the clock plus keeping them as warm as we can. These puppies need prayers, puppy preemies do not have a good prognosis.

Chrystie (AKC Sheltie) to Hansel (AKC Sheltie) free-whelped 3/18/14
Litter Sold Out

Puppies will be flashy sable AKC Toy Shelties with tremendous coats!

Our phenominal Chrystie, daughter of our best producer Cassie, has been as great a producer as her mom was and we are considering retirement for her soon. We have decided to pair her with Hansel this litter to produce all pure-for-sable, super flashy puppies with HUGE coats! Cassie (Chrystie's mom) and Hansel have the most gorgeous, long, thick, luxurious, drag the ground coats we have ever seen in toy size shelties. We expect puppies to be 12-13" and 12-18lbs at maturity. Don't miss your chance to have sheltie perfection!

Paisley (AKC Sheltie) to Bullet (AKC Sheltie) free-whelped 3/18/14
(Lauren Elhers is the breeder)

Litter Sold Out

Puppies will be classic sable and tri AKC Toy Shelties!
Paisley is a Fox Point Farm home-bred baby out of Julie and by Hansel (full sister and littermate to Beatrix). She is (12 1/2" and 14lbs), gorgeous and has a marvelous personality! This is a repeat breeding! Last litter was adorable and their families are crazy over them! She had sables and a tri, all with big full thick white collars and pretty blaze faces! This is a great pairing, don't miss these AKC puppies!

Punky (Sheltie) to Soxy (AKC Sheltie) delivered 3/31/14
(Wendy James is the breeder)

Litter Sold Out

Puppies will be little sable Toy Shelties!

This is a repeat breeding of a fabulous cross between Punky (11"/10lbs) and Soxy (12"/12lbs). last litter has 6 beautiful sables with loads of flashy, showstopping white, full collars and blaze faces! They had both bright golden and rich mahogany sables and all have stayed super small! Punky is out of our original teacup mom Bitsy (now retired) and Soxy is a Cassie/Hansel puppy. Huge, fluffy, long coats and great personalities come standard on this litter! These will not be AKC registered, so they will be more affordable too!!!!

  Bluebell (Pom/Chi) to Bullet (AKC Sheltie) delivered 4/1/14
Litter Sold Out

Puppies will be tri, sable and blue merle Poshies!
This will be Bluebell's first litter and we are excited to see what she produces! Her sire was only 4lbs so she cold produce us some tiny Poshies! She weighs 8-10lbs and Bullet weighs 9lbs. We expect these puppies to be wild colored babies that stay at or under 10lbs. These will be some of our coolest looking puppies ever, don't miss them!

Absolutely spectacular litter full of breathtaking color!!!!

Tri boy
5oz at birth, 10oz at 5 days; approx 8-10lbs at maturity
Tempt yourself with this tri boy with a thin stripe and full white collar! Classic tri with rich copper highlights, four white stockings and a white tipped tail!
$650, $500 to hold - Deposit pending Marcia

Adults/Older Puppies

At Fox Point Farm our great producers and pets stay for a lifetime. We have the room for all of them to stay, but occasionally we have a sheltie or poshie that  doesn't like life on a busy farm and would rather have their own family and maybe a couch with no competition. All our adults are crate trained and either sleep in the bed with us or in a crate at night. Most have free rein of the house, but we do watch the boys more carefully (breeding boys may mark in the house where another has marked before). We keep belly bands on our breeding boys when they are inside. We work outside, so few of our dogs are used to being inside all day. They may need a refresher on asking to go out. If I'm sick they will lie with me on the bed all day, but that's about the biggest 'inside' day they have. They are all super sweet, smart and have tolerated all kinds of people and all kinds of animals. Every adult we have sold/placed has really done amazing! I think they love all the extra attention a small family can give.

None at this time.

Expecting Moms
When we have clients ready and waiting on our Premium Waiting List, we will breed our girls that come into season. We do our best to fill puppy orders as they come in without ever raising more puppies than we have clients ready to adopt. These are the girls we have bred.
Not all moms 'catch' or carry their puppies to term. We have several 'maiden' girls we are testing right now. We have high hopes for them. If they fail to catch, carry or raise puppies over two heat cycles, they may become available as pets.
These girls are all super sweet, house-broken/crate trained, great farm and family companions! We do hope all our girls have big healthy litters! We update these pregnancies as changes occur.

Maisey (Toy Aussie) to Bullet (AKC Sheltie) due 4/14-17/14

Puppies will be little Toy Sheltie/Toy Aussies in blue, tri and possibly sable!
I don't get fooled often, but this time I sure did! When Maisey came in heat for the second time we couldn't wait to try to see if she wanted to be a mom. Her mom has been a great one and 10+ of our friends have gotten Maisey siblings after meeting her and falling in love, not only with her color, but more with her sparkling personality! Of course her 'time' came when I was in the hospital and the weather was terrible. Our helper put Maisey and Bullet in a stall during the day so they could get some 'alone time'. Maisey was not a fan of being locked in a stall and she cried and cried. So much so that our helper couldn't stand it and let her out, she would need to wait until I was home or until her next cycle. Who knew she had already been successful? Her xray today showed 2 babies ready to be born. We are stoked! Expect 11-12", 8-12lbs, SUPER FRIENDLY, super confident, super athletic puppies, super smart puppies with great coats and loads of personality!!!

Moo Moo (AKC Pom) to Peter Rabbit (AKC Sheltie) due 4/13-17/14

Puppies will be tiny teacup sable and tri Poshies!
Moo Moo and Peter are our tiniest pairing to date! With both parents weighing 5-6lbs, these will be the tiniest teacup Poshies available! We expect tiny, beautifully marked puppies with the fabulous, outgoing personalities and coats like mom! Don't miss these perfect pocket puppies!!!
Update: 4/2/14 Moo Moo hasn't gotten very big. We are still hoping for one or two puppies.
4/7/14 Moo Moo is expecting 1 or 2 puppies via an x-ray today!

Gracie (Sheltie) to Hansel (AKC Sheltie) due 4/17/14
(FPF/Jennifer Wilson are the co-breeders)

Puppies will be tiny blue, tri and sable full Shelties!
Although Gracie's parents are both AKC, her breeder registered her with the APRI instead of the AKC, this makes her puppies full AKC Shelties with a more affordable price tag! Gracie is 11 1/2" and 10lbs and Hansel is 12" and 12lbs. We expect their puppies to be little, 11-12" and 8-12lbs at maturity. This is
Gracie's first litter and she may surprise her with extra tiny puppies bc her parents were both 'teacup' size! If you love tiny blues, tris and sables, this is your litter!
Update: 4/8/14 Gracie is huge! Jennifer is taking her this week for her pre-delivery xray this week!

4/13/14 Gracie's x-ray showed 5 puppies!!!!

Jewel (AKC Sheltie) to Soxy (AKC Sheltie) due 5/12/14

Puppies will be little sables AKC Shelties with HUGE, super flashy coats!
  Jewel is 12" and 12lbs and Soxy is 12" and 13lbs. Here is a pair of classic Toy Shelties with tremendous coats in the genetics! If you want a beautiful Toy Sheltie with a classic, huge coat, this is your pair! Loads of flashy white will make this litter turn the heads of the most particular buyers! If you desire a super outgoing, super loving, super flashy puppy, Jewel and Soxy will have your baby!

Marlo (AKC Sheltie) to Hansel (AKC Sheltie) possibly due 6/1/14
(Vanessa Ward breeder)

Got COAT?! Puppies will be mahogany sables with TREMENDOUS COATS!!!
The pairing of Marlo and Hansel has been planned and anticipated for nearly 2 years! This king and queen of exceptional coats are what make hearts beat fast! They both have lovely refined faces, great bone and wonderful personalities! Marlo is 12" and she has AKC champion breeding, we expect a range of sizes from this pair from toys to show-size. If you want a gorgeous, smaller, show coat AKC Sheltie, this may be your perfect litter!!!

Precious (AKC Sheltie) to Prancer (AKC Sheltie) due approx 6/5.
(Vanessa Ward breeder)

Puppies should be pretty little sable AKC Shelties!
Prancer is our newest stud and this will be his first litter! He is a tiny 7lb, dainty boy with a pixie face and a great personality! Precious is a proven producer of lovely puppies from 6-16lbs at maturity. We ae hoping this cross will get us more of her beautiful tiny puppies everyone is crazy over!

Amber (AKC Sheltie) to Tickle (AKC Sheltie) breeding now
(Wendy James breeder)

Puppies will be TINY sables and sable merles with TREMENDOUS COATS!!!
This is a highly anticipated litter between TINY Amber and TINY Tickle! Amber also is a golden sable merle with two crystal blue eyes! We are super excited to see these gorgeous ultra tiny teacup Toy Shelties!!!!

Ember (AKC Sheltie) to Bullet (AKC Sheltie) breeding now

Puppies will be TINY and teacup sables!!!
We are so thrilled to have the opportunity to finally breed tiny teacup Ember! She has some of the fanciest AKC Sheltie bloodlines in a teensy package! We have decided to use Bullet bc he was showing loads of interest and Bullet is our best boy to get girls bred. If we get another opportunity we will try Prancer or Hansel, but Bullet's record speaks for itself and we are dying to get puppies out of her! We expect gorgeous, tiny, sables that will make our clients waiting for that perfect tiny Toy Sheltie, flip!!!!

More Information:

Toy and Mini Shelties are considered 'undersized' by the AKC, but they are the original Shetland Sheepdog of UK type. Almost all of our Shelties are registered with the AKC. Being 'undersized' or below the height for the AKC breed standard limits your participation in AKC Conformation showing only. AKC puppies raised by us are eligible for all other AKC Programs including AKC Agility and Herding competitions. Many of our AKC registered Shelties come from Championship Conformation lines, so even though they are tiny, they are structurally and conformationally very correct. We strive to raise perfect Shelties in tiny packages, and most of our Shelties must be seen to appreciate their size and correctness because in photos they look exactly like standard size Shelties.

We are obsessed with raising Toy Shelties that are as long-lived and healthy as standard size shelties. We believe some of our choices actually make our shelties healthier than standard show breeder's puppies. "Line-breeding" or 'in-breeding' is a common, accepted and recommended practice amongst many show breeders. They breed in 'families' to "set" consistent type, coat, head shape and overall conformation characteristics. I understand from a genetics point of view that by 'doubling up' on certain genes/dogs/families that a breeder is more likely to produce puppies with more consistent looking exteriors, I believe having fewer genes in the gene pool puts the puppies at more risk for health and personality defects. We believe 'out-crossing' (breeding unrelated dogs) is the best way to avoid bad recessive genes that create these health and personality problems that can severely shorten your dog's life and make things very expensive as well. Please understand by outcrossing size within a litter can vary. The vast majority of our puppies are toy-size or minis as adults, but there is an occasional small standard that pops out too. We do our best to recognize them and predict their size at birth and at least before they go home. Please know they may be the healthiest standard sheltie you can find, with the best temperament and would be fully eligible to show in AKC Conformation competition.

Some other toy sheltie breeders have a few unethical practices to watch out for too. Some breed dogs with health defects (heart murmurs, liver shunts, kidney issues, etc) to produce tiny shelties. These issues can cause a dog to be smaller than it would be normally, and these issues can pop up in puppies of any breed who are smaller than expected. Make sure your breeder has their adult dogs checked before breeding them, and ask what their policy is if a puppy turns up with an issue. Ethical responsible breeders will fully investigate the issue and many times retire one or both of the parents. There is also a popular practice in some breeders to withhold food from puppies and adults in an attempt to 'stunt' their growth. This is obviously dangerous and stupid, most dogs will grow 'late' once they get proper nutrition, but damage to internal organs can be irreversible and significantly shorten their lives. Please be aware that buying the 'runt' from a standard litter (or any litter) can be risky as well. Many true runts have internal problems who make them so tiny. Don't fall for these common 'tricks', they could cost you a broken heart and loads of money.
Read The Truth About Runts.

We are so confident in our program that we offer the BEST GUARANTEE IN THE BUSINESS! Your puppy/adult is guaranteed against any health, personality, size, training problem for the first three years. Return your puppy/adult during the first three years for ANY REASON for a FULL REFUND of your purchase price (and of course you may choose to get another puppy instead). If your puppy has a documented health issue that comes up, but you want to keep it and care for it, you may receive a 50% refund of your purchase price (and we ask papers be returned so you cannot breed). We will take back any puppy or adult we have sold (or placed), at any time, for any reason. We will not judge you if your life changes and you need to give up your dog. We are here to support you and your dog, do not hesitate to request our help, we do not wish to ever see our dogs in need of a rescue group. We live on a farm and have plenty of room to keep any of our dogs (or other shelties) in need of a home.

All that being said, we are well aware and concerned about pet overpopulation in this country. We only breed girls when we have qualified, suitable families desiring puppies. We believe shelters and rescues are doing their best to help needy dogs find excellent homes. We encourage you to consider a rescue when looking for your next family member. But we also see the need for responsible, ethical breeders with a positive vision for the future of their breed to produce excellent puppies for your consideration too. If nobody is looking to the future, only accidental and for-the-money litters with a myriad of problems will be available to buy/adopt and our beautiful breed will be lost. There is a need for responsible breeders to still produce puppies for their clients who desire excellence.

Lastly, please understand raising Toy Shelties is a challenging task. Sometimes getting tiny girls to cycle, stand to be bred, get pregnant and carry puppies full term is the most challenging part. They don't all make great moms, few do in fact. It generally takes 2-3 years of trying before we can see if one of our girls is going to make a good mom. Before birth, moms need extra monitoring in case delivery is tough; and occasionally super tiny moms need a c-section. Complications in delivery, taking too long to deliver and breathe, can cost a tiny puppy its life fast.  Puppies take enormous amounts of time once they are born to make sure they are growing and cared for properly. Many puppies need tube-feeding to get started; they are so tiny they fatigue before they can drink enough milk on their own to survive and grow. Puppies need perfect temps (about 85 degrees) and perfect humidity. They need constant supervision the first few days to keep mom from accidentally suffocating one (or more) by lying on them (their voices are soft; their screams are unheard). Suffice it to say, breeding toy shelties is a labor of love with many heartbreaks and tremendous cost, but when the puppies are here, healthy, adorable and meeting their new families, all the effort is worth it!

Our shelties and poshies may not be our whole life (we are professional horsemen), but they certainly make our lives whole and full of joy and passion!

See Sheltie History for more information about how our Toy Shelties are the original, foundation Sheltie of UK Type.

Pick-up and Shipping

We are happy for families to come here and meet us and all our family before or after their decision to purchase a puppy from us. We love to share our shelties and poshies with you! There are restrictions, like not seeing/holding the really young babies, that are for the safety and emotional well-being of our moms. But short of that, we love visitors!

The AKC suggests all puppies wait until at least 8 weeks of age to go to their new homes.

We offer both Ground Shipping and Air Shipping. We believe both are good. Ground is occasionally less expensive if you live on the east coast. Both ways have been safe and deliver healthy, happy puppies to their new families.

We use Pro Dog Transport for our Ground Shipping. Contact them directly to get prices and possible dates.

Most Air Shipping is $350/puppy. Occasionally it might be as little as $300, if you desire Delta Dash, short notice, it could be as high as $450. As long as arrangements are made 48 hrs in advance, the price can stay down. Shipping price includes a Health Certificate from the vet, a crate, the flight and a tiny bit for gas to the airport. We ship using Delta most often. Shipping can be done by air as long as temps are between 35-85 degrees. We have shipped many many puppies safely and successfully with no horror stories to date.

What is the best way to get a puppy?

Puppy Application

Because our puppies are so challenging to raise and so few are available each year, we have created 2 Waiting Lists to make sure our serious clients get an option at the puppy of their dreams. We used to offer only our free Regular Waiting List, but when puppies became available whole litters would sell out in a matter of a few hours. We had clients who had been potentionally waiting months, who would miss the email and miss the puppies. We still offer our free Regular Waiting List but if you are serious about getting a puppy from us, I highly recommend joining the Premium Waiting List.

The Premium Waiting List is where nearly all our puppies are sold. For a $250 TOTALLY REFUNDABLE for ANY REASON deposit, you get a specific number in line. When puppies become available, we offer them to each member of the Premium List in order before offering to our Regular Waiting List or the public. Clients get 5 days to choose a puppy before it becomes available to the next client. Once a puppy has been made available to you, you may choose it at any time (you do not have to pick in 5 days), but be aware it may be available to others too. We keep your preferences on sex, color, size and markings so we are not pestering you with puppies that do not fit your 'wish list'. Make your list as general or detailed as you desire so we can offer you the puppies you want to see.

Once you have chosen a perfect puppy, a deposit is needed to secure it as yours until it is time for it to go home. Most deposits are $500 and if you have already joined the Premium List and paid $250, you will only owe $250 more. If you are not on the Premium List, you will need to send the full $500. If a puppy has gone through the Prem List clients and it made available to the Regular Waiting List and the public, first deposit received on a puppy will secure that puppy. No puppies will be held without a deposit.

How do I pay my deposit and for my puppy?

We have several ways to pay your deposit and your balance. We accept Paypal (at no extra charge) to make paying fast, simple and safe. You may also pay by personal or certified check or with a money order. Of course we accept cash too! Please have your puppy paid for in full before you intend to either pick-up or ship. If paying with a check, please allow time for your check to arrive and clear our bank. If paying the balance when you arrive, we request cash. No checks will be accepted when picking-up.

Contact us for you next Sheltie or Poshie puppy or adult!

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